GoPro issue- Computer can't locate camera

Hey ya’ll,

New to action camera’s, and I have done a youtube and google search with zero results. But I have an older iMac and a GoPro7 black. I cannot for the life of me get my computer to recognize my GoPro when its plugged in.

I’ve tried different usb ports different cords. Tuning blue tooth on and off, nothing seems to work. But for some reason, when I open iMovie, I can transfer video files. But even the GoPro Player app won’t recognize or locate my GoPro when its plugged in.

Found alot of video’s regarding this issue on newer models, but not on the GP7 black specifically.

Any words from the wise?

Yah this issue drives me nuts. Try a different usb. Pretty sure it’s finicky about USB ports. Try different cables, different port. I know that with the 9 I have to set it to MTP to be recognized. In desperation I have moved the card to a different camera or to a card reader.

I don’t know why the 7 does this and what fixes it.

Gopro software is pretty shockingly badly implemented and barely supported.

If you have the cable that came with camera try that. Try usb 2 and 3 ports

Don’t bother. Get yourself a usb micro SD adapter and copy-paste the files straight from the SD card into your Mac, create a folder for them that you can import into your editing software.

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Yes that was what I ultimately had to do, put it in my other gopro to download. Yet, it works intermittently.

No. Take out the SD card and use a USB adapter to plug the card into the Mac. It sees a storage card not a device.

Just copy paste the files across. It’s reliable and data transfer is much faster. I never plug my GoPro into the computer.

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As I understand it the newer GoPros use the latest app. That is app is intended for Windows 10 only. The previous versions of the App were available for IOS and pre-W10, but are not compatible with the newer cameras. Currently I am running a Hero3 Silver camera and after my HD crashed had to find an older version of the App to access the camera directly with W8.1. For some reason GoPro decided that everything had to run on W10 and basically forced you to upgrade to access your camera. AFAIK, every camera after the Hero5 requires this upgrade. As stated above, you can simply pull the SD card and transfer the data directly. The downside is the way the GoPro splits the longer segments into separate files. You will need some editing software or merging software to recombine the data into one continuous file. If I am not mistaken, they run in 8 minute blocks.

I contacted GoPro support when I first had this issue. Their advice at the time was to remove the memory card from the camera and plug it into a pc via the adapter of my choice. Currently using a micro SD reader that connects via a USB port.
Using Race Render and it stiches the segments together.