GoPro Max Edit

So I got a GoPro max. I love the capability. But holy cow editing is a pain. Or maybe I am just video challenged. I just want to fix it forward. But its constantly just spinning around. Anyone else use a max? I am about to just go back to my 9.

Also realizing that I need a new computer. These files are massive.

Can’t really help on the editing end, I too suck, can do photos not videos lol. As for the storage you could get a external SSD, the sell ones that are up to 4 terabytes for around $400 bucks, they aren’t cheap but there good quality and can hold a lot of data and upload and download quick by plugging it directly into your computer.

External drive would not really help anything. Its not a storage issue I am having. But a processing power issue I believe

Yea my buddy has a Insta360 One X, and his ryzen 5 (don’t know what generation) has just enough processing power for him to edit his videos without problems.

Video files are brutal. It’s audio and video all packed into one. In case it was not obvious, reducing your filming resolution will give smaller files. I have a pretty powerful Pc and I tend to film in 1080 just to make files smaller.

So I just converted my first file. its 32 gb. haha. And its like a 8 min clip

Try installing an M.2 ssd in your computer. If you don’t know how, you can just dm me.

Yeah! A super fast solid state drive really helps.

Yeah I am looking into options. Either new laptop time or build a desktop. But it does all but eliminate the trackside aspect. So unfortunately I think I am going to go back to a hero 9 and sell the 360. The footage is really cool. But just not worth the headache.

Im on a MacBook currently. So options are limited. Im currently on a 512gb SSD.

Yea that sucks. Laptop upgrading can be a pain in the ass.

I don’t think it’s possible to upgrade ram on a MacBook is it? I use my iMac if I do any editing, even then it sucks all the power! Files are huge on the 360

It is possible, but like I said, a pain in the ass.

I do not remember the details, but getting it to point forward is dependent on removing the world lock, or adding the world lock. I do not remember if this has to be done before or after loading to app. I do remember it was a pain. I have been making race videos for many years, so I was new to videos. I eventually gave up on Max and went back to normal GoPro

Does it differ from the fusion? Fusion it’s easy

It’s a function of the 360. Where it stays fixed. So when you turn it turns. It’s a cool feature. But super annoying for edits. I think I’m going to sell it and go back to a regular GoPro.

Fusion does the same, it’s easily switched off I always do that. I prefer to move it manually if desired with key frames during the edit

Fusion you extract it from the camera with a GoPro software prior to importing into Final Cut or whatever, it’s in the GoPro extractor you switch that off

When you’re exporting it you need to select world lock off - check 3.30-5.50 for export settings

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Thanks. I’ll give that a go.