GoPro Motorplex - KA100 Senior - On-Board Video


(TJ Koyen) #1

Full video of my Saturday final!

(Noah Koenig) #2

Fast and smooth, just how it should be! Kart looks good TJ. Innovative performance on point!

(Dom Callan) #3

Amazing run. That engine sounds so savage.

(James McMahon) #4

More grip than power? Not in terms of setup/handling… more the designated tire.
I bet they would be extra fun with a hard compound…

(Jason Allan) #5

I watched a video like this from a person I won’t name the other day and the difference between the 2 videos is that while the other person was trying to say he was passing correctly @tjkoyen actually was.
I am impressed by you Sir.
Not once was there a dive bomb, every move was executed with skill, the opposing driver was not taken by surprise and it didn’t look like they were touched at all.
After reading your article at EKN, I am pleasantly surprised that, not only can you talk the talk, but you can walk the walk.

(Greg Meller) #6

Thanks for sharing that @tjkoyen, have watched it a few times now and appreciate you taking the time to up it.

I’m still very new to the sport but have had a couple of practice sessions now. Watching that in conjunction with currently reading @Terence_Dove book has really helped explain visually what i have been reading. Now to transfer that new knowledge into my own actions.

(TJ Koyen) #7

@KartingIsLife I think this tire is perfect for the class, but any softer would be overkill. A harder tire could be fun too, but I’m sort of a sucker for soft tires. With the Reds you still feel like you have plenty of grip and the kart is very physical, but you can toss it around a bit as well.

@Jacedownsouth thanks man, really appreciate it. I’m getting too old to make those banzai passes anymore, but every now and then I’ll have a big lunge if necessary! Fortunately the kart was so hooked up and I was feeling good so I was able to stay patient and overtake with minimal drama.

@MeLLeR glad to hear you got something out of it. It can be hard to read something online and try to apply it at the track, seeing it first-hand can really help you understand what you need to fix or change in driving. I love this camera since it gives you the exact perspective of the driver, so you can see the posture, hands, head movement, and really get in the driver’s head.

Thanks for the nice comments guys. Sometimes a weekend all comes together!

(Scott Sawyer) #8

Just curious, any comments about track limits? I know in the monthly series they have given penalties for 4 wheels over the curb exiting Turn 6.

(TJ Koyen) #9

Never been any penalties or warnings for track limits at GoPro for USPKS. I know they had a little black/yellow plastic curb on the outside of 6 for Friday practice but they took it out halfway through the day.

(Gage Hembree) #10

How is the support for KA100 in the USPKS and series like the pro tour. At a club and regional level it is still lacking numbers. It looks as though there was really good racing here.

(TJ Koyen) #11

Kart counts in the 15 range for juniors, 20+ for seniors at USPKS.

Pro Tour hardly gets any KAs so far.

(Bobby Zilliox) #12

I’m looking for a used setup for one of these!! Too cool.

(roy brewer) #13

like what…what are you looking for?? Which setup

(Bobby Zilliox) #14

Ka100 setup. I live in the Houston area and haven’t seen any used setups yet.