GoPro Mount

Looking for a GoPro mount that is either attached to the left side of the seat or the bolt thru the seat strut threads into the mount. The mount as I remember it was about a 3/4 inch round tube with a ball mount for a camera at the end. Have seen a karter using one at either a USPKS or Route 66 event. Would be used on a kart without a radiator.

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I have one I bought off amazon. Ram mount. I didn’t like it to much. It attaches to the chassis seat mount. I’ll sell it if you want it.

Ram Mount Long Double Socket Arm for 1-Inch Ball Bases

I also have the ball joint that attaches the camera

Here is the view it gave.

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Thanks Bryan. That wasn’t quite the view I expected to see. Will have to rethink mounting the camera to the hot dog bun.

Your welcome. Also that is the 6” version. They do make a 10” version and with other accessories you could add on and give it a double joint. I’ve seen other guys run really long one. Looks funny and I also question the safety aspect of having a long metal object poking out the side of the kart.
You mentioned hot dog bun. Guessing you have a tony kart. I have a race this weekend and will keep a look out and see if there are other options out there karts with that front shield.

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What are you looking for Tony? Maybe something higher up?

James, if we end up shooting from the rear of the kart, higher up with a view over the driver’s left shoulder would be preferred.

Bryan, I would guess that an event organizer would question the sanity of having a metal rod sticking out the seat at some point.
Have a great race weekend.

When I saw it this is what it reminded me of. One of his extra legs stick out. Lol

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I assume when mounting to the front nose that it’s not using that adhesive on those typical gopro mount plates?

Have seen GoPros mounted to fairings with the adhesive pad. Never looked closed to see if there was also a bolt thru the mount or not. The last time I looked into it, the adhesive mounts come in two flavors, either flat or curved. Finding a surface on the fairing that conforms to the mount would be critical. We have always used mounts that bolt on.

Tony is right regarding the adhesive pad and the curve. The GoPro pads don’t usually conform to the curve of the fairing too well so it can be hard to get a good stick on there. Using a rollbar mount or similar and drilling it through the fairing and bolting it on is a safer bet. Never had an issue when using that method.

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This bracket is available thru Comet Kart Sales and has worked for us.