GoPro Mount

Looking for a GoPro mount that is either attached to the left side of the seat or the bolt thru the seat strut threads into the mount. The mount as I remember it was about a 3/4 inch round tube with a ball mount for a camera at the end. Have seen a karter using one at either a USPKS or Route 66 event. Would be used on a kart without a radiator.

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I have one I bought off amazon. Ram mount. I didn’t like it to much. It attaches to the chassis seat mount. I’ll sell it if you want it.

Ram Mount Long Double Socket Arm for 1-Inch Ball Bases

I also have the ball joint that attaches the camera

Here is the view it gave.

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Thanks Bryan. That wasn’t quite the view I expected to see. Will have to rethink mounting the camera to the hot dog bun.

Your welcome. Also that is the 6” version. They do make a 10” version and with other accessories you could add on and give it a double joint. I’ve seen other guys run really long one. Looks funny and I also question the safety aspect of having a long metal object poking out the side of the kart.
You mentioned hot dog bun. Guessing you have a tony kart. I have a race this weekend and will keep a look out and see if there are other options out there karts with that front shield.

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What are you looking for Tony? Maybe something higher up?

James, if we end up shooting from the rear of the kart, higher up with a view over the driver’s left shoulder would be preferred.

Bryan, I would guess that an event organizer would question the sanity of having a metal rod sticking out the seat at some point.
Have a great race weekend.

When I saw it this is what it reminded me of. One of his extra legs stick out. Lol

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