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Anyone here using a Gopro and Quik app for android?? I just found out the updated Quik app for android only supports devices running 9.0 or later. My old phone is running 8.0.0. I use a a gopro sessions and the app is needed for correct camera view alignment. Anyone with a work-around (other than getting a new phone)? App alternatives?

With the GoPro mounted on the fairing, I would tilt the camera up a little above horizontal and measure the distance between the top of the camera and the back edge of the fairing. Setting the camera to snap shot mode, would take a picture, lower the angle of the camera, and remeasure. When done, downloaded the memory card into a pc and picked the view desired for which I have a measurement.
Things got simpler when we got a GoPro with a display on the back. Never got the Quik app to work well on my Samsung phone.

Me either for iPhone. I just edit in Final Cut, kinda getting to grips with it now

You may have to search for them, but there should be some archived versions of the previous software out there on the interwebs. Just remove the updated version and re-install the older version. Turn off automatic updates. Says the guy using a Hero3 and android Tab10 on OS 5.0.

I’m using Quik right now to make some shorts for YubTub. It’s an odd program but it seems to work these days. I recall @Bobby once edited one or his videos entirely on phone.

This was viewed, clipped, and uploaded on the iPhone.

As Dom said, at one stage my computer broke and I had to edit some videos entirely on my phone. I used the gopro app to get the videos onto my phone, then used iMovie to edit and render it. Then uploaded.
I also used Slice and InShot for editing at other times.
Here is one that was done on my phone (including the thumbnail):
3 Tips from a Karting Coach | Karting tips for Beginners


That was a good race and a good video! Hopefully we see more of the Noob Karter in 2023!

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Doesn’t the Quik app downgrade the quality when you upload it?

You may be right. I filmed 4k 24fps. Not sure what the clips are playing at in YouTube.

:+1: Found old version on the web. Displays and works with my phone as it did before.