Gopro settings for Kart Racing?

I have a 12 year grandson that is doing K1 Speed Electric Indoor Kart racing hoping to do L206 in 2025 . And I bought him a Gopro 12 Black for him to see his progress at the league race… Is there any favorite settings you guys have found that works good for Karting… Just learning to use it… Thanks Dave

There are countless Youtube videos out there explaining all the various settings and optimal configs for action sports. But, here is what I use on my Hero 10 with pretty good results:

Resolution: 4k
Framerate: 60 fps
Lens: Superview
Hypersmooth: Boost
Bitrate: High
Shutter: Auto
EV Comp: -0.5 (for indoors, just keep it at 0)
White Balance: Auto
ISO Min: 100
ISO Max: 400 (for indoors, you may need to set this higher)
Sharpness: Medium
Color: Natural
RAW Audio: Off
Wind: On

I edit my footage in Davinci Resolve (free) in 4K 60fps. Here is my channel if you want to see some example footage. I have both outdoor LO206 racing videos and indoor rental kart videos:

Hope that helps! The GoPro 12 has even more features and power than my 10, but these settings should be a very solid baseline. You can do some additional advanced settings in order to really get a cinematic look, but the settings above will give you great video quality without much fuss. Bewarned though, this generates a TON of data. I use a 128Gb SD card and usually have 80+ Gb of data after a race day.

Ok here my 12 settings:


4k/30 (this is because I use lens mod 2.0)

If you don’t have the lens mod: 5.3k, 30fps

Profile: HDR


Hypersmooth boost

White balance Native (try auto as well)

Color: Natural (try vibrant)

Raw Audio: Off

Wind: ON

I prefer 60fps but that’s not possible with 4k and lens mod. 30fps feels more natural but is less smooth sorta.

Dont have Mod 2.0 lens are the settings the same. Should I get Mod 2.0 lens or can I do without it for now ?? His racing is indoors for now… Do I use the same settings ??

Do without. The regular lens is fine.

I’ve tested a bunch of settings pretty much all at the same indoor track, and post all my settings in the video descriptions on my YouTube

Tbh for indoor Karting I love HyperView. From a stationary position it’s so distorted but you can barely tell while you’re moving and it makes it look like you’re moving faster.

However for whatever reason, HyperView makes the image appear darker, and the main indoor track I’m at has bad lighting, so I like ISO Min set to at least 200 to get decent video.

Of the bunch posted below, you can skip like halfway through the video to see what it looks like while moving right on the track rather than seeing the warmup lap and such.

You can see one the first time I tried HyperView it was too dark on ISO auto

Then the next week I went to ISO 400 and it was good, but felt like too much

Then ISO 100

Then ISO 200 I’ve been doing but haven’t posted one from that track again yet. Gotta get on that I guess haha but here’s one from a different place.

Then here’s some native 24fps SuperView:

And some native 30fps SuperView:

And here’s 60fps HyperView rendered to 24fps:

And here’s 8:7 5.3k 30 → 16:9 4k

I probably have more variations on there :joy: but everything is in the descriptions :smiling_face:

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You’re hired.

@Ruppdartkart also, Nik uses the normal lens on a chin mount. Thats what it looks like.

Here’s me with lens mod and helmet mount:

4k 30fps

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