GPS x Accelerometer @ Race Studio

Guys, there are some channels in the Race Studio with similar information such as AccelerometerX [g] and GPS_LatAcc [g] as well as AccelerometerX [g] and GPS_LonAcc [g]. Most of the time they are aligned in terms of information provided and trends, but some times they are not aligned. So, I’d like to ask you which channels do you trust more, Accelerometer or GPS?

Accelerometer is just that. Tiny little chip on the mychron itself that reads acceleration/G loads. It’s only so accurate as you turn the wheel the axis of orientation changes since the mychron moves with the wheel.

GPS acceleration is a calculated number based on the rate of change of your GPS location. Neither are perfect.

On a normal racecar an accelerometer would be hard mounted to the car to log accelerations. For what you are probably trying to achieve stick with GPS.

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Thanks @KeslerDesignWorks
Both channels seem to be impacted by the movement of the steering wheel but GPS tends to have a smaller impact, so it makes sense to keep using GPS channels as the main one for my analysis.

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On the older Mychron 4 with the GPS module, the accelerometer is in the GPS antenna which is usually mounted to the front fairing. I will not react to to steering angle changes, but can be affected by vibrations through the fairing. The GPS is less accurate however compared to say a 5S.

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