Gran Turismo Sport league?

So I play Gran Turismo a lot, I don’t have a computer set up to run iRacing or a karting sim. So I work with what I have. I know it’s not as serious of a real SIM as AC, iRacing, etc. But I think it helps me find the mental focus and race craft patience needed for real life.

However if there are enough other people interested, I’d be willing to set up and run a for-fun league for KartPulsers out there. Maybe start with a short 4 race series or something and go from there based on interest.

Posts are always better with pictures, here’s my “Adidas Racing 787B” from GT Sport:

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PlayStation gang represent. Nice livery! Loved that car in forza.

Awesome livery, unfortunately I’m on Xbox. I did something like this in PC2 in 2019 which had decent turnouts, (maybe give it another shot this winter?) so I think you’ll have some interest. Is PC2 cross platform?

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im jpine324 on ps4. GTSport is what I mostly play. I have found F1 to have the closest feel to a kart in real life. But GTS has a rating system for online and it is pretty good plus you always find 16-20 car races!

PC2 is not cross play. I hope they make PC4 cross play.

That’s what I like so much about GTS. Their multiplayer interface is so accessible. A race every 20 mins with like-rated players with BOP so it’s about the racing, not the setup. I understand that setup in part of racing IRL (and iRacing) but I want to be able to jump in whenever and practice against real people. GTS is great for that.

I’m @driverbert on ps4 btw.

I have been doing the C race this week at LeMans- that is a tough track to figure out! I like to mix up the B race and the C races. I like working on my consistency on the C races since they are double the length! Just added you. Now that my kart season is over I am online after I get the kids to bed!