Grand Nationals - Cup Karts North America 2020 at New Castle

We’ll be there. Our 2nd time going. The event is so much fun. Bigger than Supernats, but a fun karting vibe. My son races cadet. He left his talent at home last time year, hoping to get the top step this year. So, who’s in?

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Good luck to you and your son. May he finish happily!

I’ll be there coaching for a few cadet kids.

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Live video coverage from the event:

Driver showed up this time. Him and his teammate roasted the field by 8 seconds :slight_smile:

Nitro Kart had a great showing. Won two classes and lots of podium finishes. We were the first brand ever to cover an entire 5 position podium in CKNA history in Sportsman.


Impressive showing by the Nitro guys.

My drivers did great to come home 10th and 11th in the final after qualifying in the 20s. They drove smart and clean and in the end our pace was pretty close, especially given their experience level. Other than the miserable weather, a pretty enjoyable weekend.


Wow! Congrats. Impressive showing.