Graphics for KG 507

I am looking to upgrade to KG 507 bodywork. I do not see anyone listing graphics for it other manufacturer specific. Do you know anyone that makes graphic kits for KG 507 bodywork?

Almost every karting graphics place will have the templates.

I have used AMR in the past and they do not show them on their sites. I looked at others and no one lists them. The ones I see that have pre-created patterns to select from and buy do not have it

Best to contact them and ask about it. Most places like that don’t continually update their websites with new predesigned stuff. I promise they all have the templates by now.

Its just because the most use the 508 bodywork. The nose is only the difference.

PistonBones Printing, Corona, CA. (909) 418-1324

He charges almost double what I paid through Kart David. :open_mouth:

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