Great facial hair of Motorsports... a social distancing opportunity

Dunno about you guys, but I have been toying with the idea of rolling out of the pits, eventually, with a magnificent beard (or stache) in tow.

For inspiration, I turn to motorsport.

The man needs no introduction and is modeling the F1 “light” style. This works best on those who are perpetually youthful.

This man is not taking any prisoners. A beard like this means, “I don’t care if you are on pole. I have already won the race of life… Oh, your mother says “hello.”” This is the last known image of the memorable Austrian driver, Harland Ertl, just prior to his facial hair completely taking over and absorbing his remaining life essence.

On the right we have my favorite style, the 1970 mutton-chop. This is a style that allows for extra downforce and cleaner eating habits. Also, you attract famous race team owners like bees to pollen. Note how It is hard to tell where the hair ends and the mutton chops begin. This is master level work. Thank you, Emerson, and, thank you, Colin, for supporting his work.

So, anyone else hair farming their way to glory in these trying times?

Here’s a couple memorable NASCAR mustaches. It appears that the war on beards is still being fought in America. Mainly mustaches, some close cropped beards, but no ZZ Top long ones.

The massively talented Tim Richmond circa 1983

Jeff Gordon, circa 1992. He went full send into the hearts of
America with the formidable mullet/stache combo.


Ricciardo should just have that as his permanent facial hair :laughing:

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I am Mark Weber’s clone, or so the throngs of groupies tell me. We are same height, weight (depends), and age. I’m also a fabulous driver, just like him, so we are probably related.

His is more of a 5 o’clock shadow aesthetic. But he has been known to get hairy.

Couldn’t resist…image

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Very cool. At Which race did you get that?

My dad got it for me at SEMA, in 93 I believe.

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Australian Touring Car great Larry Perkins

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Wow, the racing drought is really hitting this forum hard… :sweat_smile:

Our tradition when we go to Vegas for SuperNats is to do cowboy/trucker 'staches.


Its an underappreciated aspect of motorsports that took Covid-19 for me to notice. I like the supernats facial hair tradition! It sorta looks like your steering wheel got smushed to the right. Crash or wierd angle?

I’ll bet he had a pet tarantula doing his callouts. It lived in his stache. Both retired now. Spouse is happier. His son continued the tradition but sans stache.

Is an elderly badass:

Pity about Holden.

Weird angle. It’s just turned full lock.

Of course. I am noob. Thx.

There is a bit of Mark Webber in you too. Maybe you are also related?
The double hat podium is tricky.


I know Joe Dirt but who is the driver on the right?

Jordan Taylor. 24hr of LeMans GTE winner. Daytona 24hr winner. Current factory driver for Corvette racing.

Jordan did great work there. Uncanny resemblance, down to the sideburn art.

He could have a stylist do his brows too for maximum effect.