Greyhound Rib Protector - Better (for me) than Bengio

When I got into karting last year, everyone seemed to consider the Bengio rib protector as the best on the market. The sentiment sounded like everyone buys a cheap rib protector and then they eventually get a Bengio when they crack a rib. So, I picked one up and have been using it ever since. However, I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of rib pain and injuries on my left ribs all year. What made it hard to figure out was the pain was actually happening on the front part of my ribs just below my sternum. The side of my ribs were totally fine. This confused the people I was talking to about the issue because rib injuries in karting seem to be primarily on the side of the rib cage, not the front edge / sternum.

I changed seats from a standard OTK style seat to a NEK Modular seat. The new seat supports my 6’2" frame a lot better. However, changing seats was not enough. Whenever we ran our local track clockwise, that same front left rib area would get injured just from the cornering forces (no crashes). I was feeling super defeated because I figured I had the “best” rib protector on the market and a new high end seat but I was still in a ton of pain.

This weekend In the pits, I was explaining to my wife where I was hurting and showing her with my bengio on and it all clicked. The Bengio rib protector is very stiff and has a very pronounced curvature to the side panels. Because of the curvature of the left side panel and the shape of my rib cage, the front edge of the side panel curves a bit inward (e.g., starts curving in towards my ribs). When pressing on the side of the rib protector to demonstrate the cornering forces to my wife, I realized that when the side panel is pressed in, the front edge is pressed in right on top of the ribs I kept injuring in the front!

So, at the track on Sunday, I tried on a Greyhound rib protector that a local shop had with them. Its design is very similar to the Tillett P1 rib protector. Unlike the Bengio, the rear panel of the Greyhound is a big velcro panel which allows you to independently reposition the angle of the side panels. This allowed me to angle them a bit outward so the top of the rib protector was wider than the bottom (v shape). Additionally, the curvature of the side panels is less pronounced while the panels themselves are also a bit longer than the Bengio (both are size Large and the “correct” size for my measurements). All this meant that when pushing on the sides of the Greyhound, the front edges do not dig downward into the front of my ribs!

I was sold (and desperate) and bought it on the spot. I threw it on and went out for my next session. FINALLY!!! I was 100% comfortable and could actually lean into the seat when cornering without pain. I was still a bit sore from the prior day’s practice wearing the Bengio but was able to drive six sessions yesterday and finish the weekend without increasing the pain. Woke up this morning and am in no pain beyond a bit of dull soreness! I’ve never tried a Tillett P1 but the Greyhound is a very similar design and $130 cheaper.

Anyway, just wanted to give my experience on here so that it may be useful if anyone else is searching for a solution to a similar situation. I’ll still use my Bengio for rental karting as the forces are way lower and I wear my rib protector on the outside of a T-shirt usually. I’d imagine that the suede exterior of the Greyhound would get destroyed if exposed directly to the seat bolts in rental karts. So, the Greyhound is staying under my karting suit when sprint karting and the Bengio will be relegated to rental races.

TL;DR: Everyone’s bodies are different and finding a rib protector that fits you well is critical. Just because 90% of the grid is wearing a particular model, does not mean that same model will work best for you.


Good find! Yeah fit is important but we do t get to try them on. I think I had 3 others before I landed on bengio.

The seats that wrap are also a good thought for folks who have unusual needs. (Deepseat, ribtect, maybe some jecko, maybe some beasly).

Im a shmol fella and i use bengio with Tillett T11 VG and greyhound rs5 seat

I would like to see a pic of your new Greyhound vest.

I luckily haven’t had the rib issues you have had but the fit of the Benjio I would call classic European. While I have European lineage I definitely not that shape. So I needed a XXL for my rib cage but then there was too much padding in the center. So I cut it in half, took about 1” out and rejoined it with seatbelt material and clothing rivets. It now fits much better. I think the slight articulation helps too.

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Kart Republic has a pretty good comparison between the Greyhound and Bengio here:

Good advice, everyone is indeed different shaped and has different rib protection needs. My pain was all on the back of my rib cage and most vests had pressure points right on that spot, much like you experienced. Glad you found one that works for you!

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I do find my Bengio riding up into my armpits.

I was going to add a layer or two of padding to the inside of the Bengio and then contour it to fit me better…

Tempted to try one. That’s a very good design. Seems like good quality, too.

Yeah quality feels really nice! It is less stiff than the Bengio but the trade off in better fit is worth it for me. At least in 206 with my NEK seat, it is more than enough protection. Perhaps in shifters, you might want the stiffest options?

Time will tell on durability but I don’t have any concerns assuming it is worn under your suit.

I have been using that one for around 2-3 years love it!

Still looks pretty new

Im still using my FREEM body protector that i bought 15 years ago and works fine by me. It does the job.

GH makes a solid product. I sell them and have a lot of satisfied guys with them.

I still had rib problems occasionally with my Bengio although less than when I used the lower tier K1 and similar.

We have a guy here with one that’s 4 years old and still looks new other than being dirty.

I swear by my Tillett P1, but will probably give the Greyhound a shot when it’s finally time for a new one, only because the designs are basically identical.

+1 on GH’s quality. I’ve been using their seats for a few years as well and they have worked well. Their “2020 style” is identical to the NEK and I’ve had fewer issues with seats cracking.