Grid jack idea

Just getting my kid started in karting. Picked up a older but nice TaG Jr kart. I’ve watched a few weekends at local track and noticed how some delays and sitting on the grid running without the rear axle running the water pump can cause overheating.

So I was thinking about making a grid jack resembling a F1 pit jack to just lift the rear tires off the ground by ~2” to allow them to spin the water pump while waiting for go out on the track. I (pit crew) would drop it off the jack just before they are released.

Any issues with this idea?


You’d have to check you track rules on some stuff like that, but it sounds like a pretty good idea!

I think most preheating is done on the stand before karts are set down. Not sure why you would sit running on the grid if you weren’t being directed onto the track? While not a bad idea, I think the biggest issue with your idea is its one more thing to bring to the grid

Pre heat isn’t the problem it’s too much heat once started and sitting there waiting. I was going to make it attach to the cart stand to take to the grid. I’ve seen delays at several min when a kart coming off track dies or goes off on last lap

Why do they have you start engines then sit and wait?

don’t have it sitting on the grid running. Simple solution. :slight_smile:


If you really wanted to you could get something like this (link below). But like others said if you start the engine just before they let you go out onto track there shouldn’t be any issues, but I do understand your point I just don’t think it would provide any real benefit plus you could spend that money/time (should you choose to build your own) on kart maintenance. If you choose to build one though it would be a cool little weekend project.
These are just my thoughts.

My concern with something like that is the jack would be where the kart behind you is supposed to be gridded up.

I have one of those!

In the USA they call it a “railroad tie”, in the UK it’s a “railway sleeper”

There’s no reason to let it sit and run if there’s a delay… If there’s a delay, shut it off.

Appreciate the ingenuity but yeah as others have said it’s kind of a non-issue. Warm it up on the stand in your pit, and then don’t start it until they are about to send you out onto the track.

If there’s a delay just shut it off.

Personally, having another piece of equipment down there clogging up the grid would be an annoyance for me. Already have to wrangle a driver, kart stand, kart, possibly an outboard starter, tire gauge…