Ground covering for pit area?

Anyone using some sort of ground covering for your pit area at the track? Curious what your using and how it’s working.

Where we race were generally on grass in our pit areas. Early and late in the year we constantly deal with dew / wet grass in the morning that makes a wet mess of everything. Tried a tarp and it really wasn’t thick enough to do the job and just ended up being a headache.

Trying to find some sort of rubber backed mat / rug / AstroTurf maybe even but don’t know what direction to go.

Try a heavy duty trap from Harbor Freight. Use it for the weekend and toss it.
Use long spikes with washers to hold it in place.

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I haven’t used anything. But I see lots of people use AstroTurf or the stuff they use on boats. It kinda looks like AstroTurf as well.

We’ll use a heavy tarp for the weekend if it’s raining or really gravel lots. Easy to get rid of too.

Ours is kind of like the stuff above ground pools are made from.

The skins of my defeated foes.

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I use the indoor/outdoor carpet that I’ve found at Costco or Lowe’s. I have a green one and a grey one. Here is a pic of them under the kart.


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