Guess How many Racers are running Briggs Weekly Racing Series


(James McMahon) #1

How many racers do you recon are on the board for the Briggs Weekly Racing Series? It’s pretty insane, at least IMO anyway.

Answer is in this article from EKN:

Are you on the board? Where do you rank?

How many sprint karters are there in USA?
(Bryan Williams ) #2

#333, but I wish they kept track of points differently. I race in a couple different clubs and one is 206 masters other is 206 heavy. To bad they don’t count together.

(Larry G Collier Jr ) #3

Ended up #350 didnt get a full number of events in due to rainouts .

(James McMahon) #4

That’s a bummer. No chance for makeup races huh?

(Matt Abel) #5

#140 here had a bad start to the year so I can’t be too upset.