(Guest Podcast) KartPulse Talks Karting With Ross Bentley on the Speed Secrets Podcast

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Listen to our interview on Speed Secrets Episode 016 – James McMahon & Davin Sturdivant: Checking the Pulse of Karting

It was pretty cool to be interviewed by Ross, who’s authored the “Speed Secrets” series of books which focus on driver development. We talked about how karting can be another avenue of club racers who want more seat time than what they currently are getting.

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Link to the episode page on Speed Secrets.com

"The Values of Karting Starring Davin"

Senna V Prost at Bercy:

Pic of @KartingIsLife and @DavinRS because we are real people, I promise :slight_smile:

Have you read any of Ross’ Speed Secrets series?

How would explain to a new comer to karting how to drive a kart?