GX160 valve problem!

Hi guys,

Still a real novice I’m afraid, so after a little advice. I brought a kart for my lad (8yo) and had a few little problems that I’ve managed to overcome. But this one has got me. The last time at the track we had a valve problem and the guys at the track were amazing in helping me get him out and running. My valve rocker broke so they let me one to use and the kart ran all day. But I’ve come back and put a new one on and I can’t get it runn8ng correctly. There was a lot of resistance when pulling the cord. So I looked to check the gap on the rockers and one doesn’t look right, and I can’t set it. I’ve attached a few pics. As you can see one is ok and the other is stirring beneath the spring. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


looks like you’ll have to reinstall the valve keepers/retainers on that valve as they’ve slipped below the collet.

There should be a cap called the rotator cap on the exhaust valve stem . The rocker arm then presses on the cap rather than on the spring retainer

Awesome thanks mate. Brought the part, £2 off ebay. Fitted it today and it runs like a dream. Thanks for you help. :slight_smile:

Did the cap fall in the engine or did you lose it? Hopefully it’s not in the engine.