GY6 150cc Maxxam 2r question

Hello, I am new to KartPulse and this is my first post…well, question I guess. Anyway, I bought a Maxxam 150cc 2r the other day off a guy for 200 bucks. When I turn the key nothing happens at all. I got a brand new battery in it, and if I cross the solenoid it will turn over but has no spark coming from the spark plug. Now I don’t know if the two issues are related, but I was wondering if I have to have the brake peddle pressed to get the key to work, you know, like a safety feature? right now I have the master cylinder out and a new one is being shipped so I have no brakes to test my theory. I also have the seats out being re-upholstered. Does anyone know if I have to be sitting in the seat, like a lawn mower, or have brake depressed to get it to turn over? And any thoughts as to why it has no spark? The headlights and tail lights don’t come on either. The fuse under the electrical box cover is new. Thank you all for any replies.


A quick web search and I found this -

Looks like you are right, there is a brake pedal switch interrupt to the starter relay. You can trick the system by jumping the connection, but make sure you have the wheels off the ground so it does not try to take off on you. Always a good idea to check all of the Grounding points as well. Hopefully this diagram can help.

I found it at:

Thank you, I don’t really know how to read those diagrams but I’m glad you do. I just didn’t see any wires coming from master cylinder so I wasn’t sure. I’ll know if it works in a day or two when I get parts. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. If there was more folks like you this world would be a better place.

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Do u think that may be why I’m not getting spark when jumping the solenoid? It turns over but no spark…??

Basically they just show you the path of wires. If wires cross each other with a dot, they are connected. No dot, no connection. Most things are labeled. Horizontal lines in an upside down triangle are Grounds. Usually to chassis. Brake Switch is likely on the pedal (similar to a car).

It looks like the ignition spark is independent of the starter. Power for spark comes from the stator spinning, so if engine is turning over it should be making spark. I would check the other components in that circuit. The website had some troubleshooting advise for chasing it down.