Had to change my picture

Hopefully you guys saw this.

Exciting, but bittersweet times for Matt and I. We will still be supporting 4 cycle karting (including folks in this forum with questions), but will be focused more on our own (and our kids’) racing. Derich Cutshaw and Nick Denny are very capable and we are super excited for them to continue growing the Ghost Racing Business.


Best of luck with the new direction. May the kiddos be fast and furious.

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Any old stock 206 engine you want to get rid of?


Oh wow! Exciting stuff, though I’m sure your customers will miss working with you.

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Congrats on the sale. Will the new owners continue the development on the EV kart?

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Give them a call or shoot them an email or FB message. We did not transfer any new engines in the sale (no one can get them), but I believe they have some stock on fresh engines with new heads and new short blocks.

The EV karts were mentioned in the contract for sure. I cant make any promises on development or timeline as everyone is just too busy trying to keep all the juggled balls in the air.

Derich, Nick, Matt, and I are all still passionate about the EV package and I think the market is there. Just need about twice as many hours in the day.

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A-freakin-men! I have some time off and now I just have another list of stuff that I should be doing :smiley:

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Im just here to show off my new helmet pic


It has your name on it which will be useful after I steal it.