Hairpin turn in low hp kart

Spanish Stig utterly demolishes the fun karts. I like the way his kart sounds compared to the ever present Honda gx. He is impressive.

Oh boy! New record for me this year! Got a 49.729s! I drove 2 sessions, but in both the same kart. First one was horrible in terms of traffic, only one clean lap, 50.1s. I was greedy, wanting more, went for another one and boom.

Sad part: Battery on my camera died after 1st lap on the second session, so no footage of that…


Congratulations! How about a 48 next? I wonder where you end up. What’s the lap record? Anything different this time?

Unfortunately the batteries really die fast. You could consider a backup battery and plug in between sessions if there isn’t removable batteries.

Thank you! I am more than ready to make this laptime my normal, expected time and try to lower it even more! A lot different. Both kart and my driving.

Throttle on this kart was instant. Just touch it, you are gone. It was like driving on keyboard. Took some time to get used to it but it was fantastic.

I was incredibly accurate, especially in the last sector where I ran wide on 11 many times, figuring out that I actually must lift on 9,10,11or I am on the grass as kart was just eating the asphalt.

Perfectly clipping the apexes, quite understeery but I think because of the engine power. This kart is the only kart on the track to have small monster energy sticker on the nose. I wonder why…

About the battery. Yeah, I blame myself for not charging it fully. It was at about 50% (still should do more than 30min) and I thought it is going to be only one fun session with my friend I was with. So yeah unfortunate but it is pretty clear to me what I was actually doing to go faster.

I did less steering into first complex and it paid off. I felt like I just pointed the nose and the kart just went flying. I think the footage from the first session will give me a clear picture of what I was doing and the second session I did not film was just me being ready to throw everything at it and being more concentrated and accurate.

I forgot the lap record. It is 48.122s this years best time. I am currently 28. on this years list (both real call them pro drivers and am drivers) but 16. in the amateur list for the competition I am in.

Ooh exciting! How many spots did you jump by dropping below 50?

I am looking forwards to seeing you go lower. This should be fun.

Less steering, huh? Those videos we looked at got me thinking too.

Real life is different but I find that when I break a milestone like 50s, I pretty much own it from there on in. It’s weird but it’s like your mind now sets sub 50 as acceptable and so that’s what you do. It takes a session or three to really absorb fully.

Meaning new kart had more power and you were wide because faster? So, how did you handle that and did having to deal with extra speed change anything? I am getting the impression you had to change up 8-10. You say you were very accurate, what is different.

I did 4 laps under 50s.

Well I was very wide on the entrance of 8. That really straightened up the corner nicely, I was very very close to the right apex and I almost always touched the left apex of 9 which sent me wide really nicely to prepare 10. I found out that I can go really close to the apex of 10, like some type of bump just by the apex that rotates the kart fantastically. There was small lift from time to time, same goes for 11, but the lift was needed there as I ran wide few times on the grass with 2 wheels, over that apex lol. Kart really accelerated quickly and I was not prepared for that so it took few mistakes for me to understand how to do it.

Another interesting thing is that on 7 (last corner before the tricky sequence) I came incredibly close to the apex, which I think also boosted the time by at least .05 or a whole tenth, just being closer to apex.

I still can not believe I did not film the fastest session, I am so mad, it had such fantastic laptimes. My average was 50,265…

Congrats, Pavle. Sounds great.

Thank you :smiley: Messy footage (only one fast lap) will probably be there tomorrow after I come from school or maybe if I get it uploaded today before going to sleep.

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Congrats! Looking forward to the footage!

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Thank you! The footage is up, of course only the first session.

So while you were getting faster I have been trying to a) make a lot less tire noise entering (and exiting) corners and b) in service to a) braking a bit earlier where it makes sense to do so. Where it makes sense is on the corners I tend to exit slightly wide due to entry speed.

Anyways. Slowing down to speed up is working. I am back on pace, almost, and improving sectors.

If you recall I have posted 15.73 for the first sector over and over and over. I finally did it faster. 15.63.

It’s working!

Spare yourself 5 years of bad habits like me. Push less hard into the turns.

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Great to hear it works! Did you manage to keep the pace in other sectors while doing 15.63s or was it up and down?

I’m more or less at pace in all sectors. I’ll run a few 45s in a session, but I am not consistent yet into 45. I am however, dropping 46.0-46.2 easily which used to be “good”. And a decent lap is 45.8-9 as a baseline. So, I am back on pace as I figure this out sorta. I unfortunately did not manage to put together a fast lap with the fast first sector (yet).

Truth be told. I’m still trying to figure out s1. There’s a power line in there that I have caught a piece of. Can’t quite figure out what makes the difference between a 15.x versus a 16.x in that sector. I can go fast, just not 100% sure why it’s good when it’s good. I can feel it though.

I am however, hugely improved into last sector. That’s what sort of kicked this off. If you’ll recall, that final turn is what made me realize I’m pushing too hard. I backed off the braking a bit and concentrated on trying to smooth the braking down and do a much smoother turn and transition to gas. I’m also setting myself up much better for the last turn by slowing down earlier before the right sweeper before final corner. Instead of slinging myself off that apex I’m trying to be stable through it and minimizing time off throttle and/or fighting bleeding off wide.

Anyways after watching tanguys rental kart video, it was a pretty good reminder of what fast should look and feel like.

How about this. Try going to the left apex at turn 2, going downhill, closer to it at least. You could be wider on the entrance but earlier on throttle, closer to the apex, have a tighter line. Don´t late apex it, do it normally but be earlier on power as you can do that by going wider on entrance. That can send you even farther to the left and you will move the mass nicely for the next turn, you will not have that mini straight. I see you are driving as the rubber is laid down but it could be beneficial (maybe) to use more track surface for better line. What do you think?

Hmm. So you want me to get all the way back left before going downhill? I’ll post something.

In my slowing down I did change up that space. I am much more quiet and deliberate through there. The mystery is the next part when you crest the uphill. There’s an ideal line that is so fast but hard to find.

Not necessarily before going down, rather “while” going down. Don´t turn in to the right being 3/4 to the left, turn in while being 4/4 to the left, use the space. Use the same spot for accelerating, that should put you wider on the exit and force you to move the karts mass while gently preparing for the next corner.

I feel there is like 20-40m (going uphill) where you don´t do much steering but you could use those 20-40m to compensate a different exit. Go wider on exit, use the space of the track, you will have time to correct the wider line into normal line you take now. You could maybe as well stay to the inside after turn 2 as you don´t really go for that first T3 apex. I mean, it is only idea, not sure if it is good at all but it sounds logical to me. Maybe KKs physics don´t agree with me.

Ok I think I see what you are saying. To be clear, right after you complete a lap there s a fast left uphill slightly. It tabletops and then goes sharply downhill and then hard right back uphill.

You are suggesting that I am too narrow here, that I should be all the way left (closer to wall) as I go down to the right hander?