Hammerhead LE 150 Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter Plate

I’m trying to install an oil temperature gauge to prevent the degrading of my go-kart and therefore extend its life, and I’m having an issue finding an oil filter sandwich adapter plate (OFSAP) that a(n hf-)183 oil filter can fit on.
I’ve already purchased one but did very little research prior and it ended up being way too big as it was for a car oil filter. I’ve measured some dimensions and it shows that the diameter of the hole that screws into the oil cooler is about 1/2". I would’ve measured the rubber gasket’s diameter but forgot to and it is at my mountain house. I tried looking it up, but this oil filter is not very common and there is very little information available about it.
Furthermore, I thought about purchasing a bigger oil filter with the same specs, but have run into two issues. One of them is that the go-kart itself and the oil filter are not very common, along with the oil cooler not having enough room to install the OFSAP that I purchased. I hope this is enough information. If it’s not, just let me know and I can provide more but might have to do it this weekend as I’m not at my mountain house and cannot access the oil filter or any of the other parts.

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Thanks for the welcome, but I need help with my go-kart.

You are welcome. I reformatted your post so it was easier to read, I’m sure someone will have ideas for you. :thinking: