Hand Controls for a Kart

I’m looking into adapting a kart for hand control use. Wonder if what different setups and solutions people have seen, or better yet built\implemented.

A local club racer here has hand controls on his crg kali. Throttle is similar to a motorcycle brake handle on the steering wheel and the brake lever is the same. The master cylinder for the brakes are on the steering wheel

If you can, try to find Matt Maier on Facebook. He’s local to Badger and uses hand controls since he’s paralyzed from the chest down. He has gas on the left and brake on the right so he can adjust the carb while going down the straight, but his setup is pretty solid and works well.

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Jim Perry at CKT Racing in St. Charles, IL has built a few of these. 630-513-5857

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When I figure out how to add a photo to this I’d send a picture of my controls…

Thumb throttle from a quad and a brembo 19x20 motorcycle brake master mounted to a piece of tubing welded to the steering wheel…also used a mcp adjustable ‘euro’ caliper on my Margay limo…

I also mounted ‘flop stoppers’, 6" pvc cut in half and covered in foam/tape mounted to stop my legs from flopping out of the kart while cornering.

This photo shows a Japanese bike brake mc which didn’t move enough fluid so I purchased biggest Brembo mc I could get…

I think the thumb throttle was from a TRX 250


Have a word with Kartforce. They race in the GB 24H.


I have also seen someone with the short BMX style brake levers mounted on a rectangular steering wheel.

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