Hand Throttle Introduced to OK Classes For Self - Restarting

I must be getting old, but this strikes me as the wrong way to go? Ideally we want less encouragement for drivers to self-restart on track after an incident, no?

Maybe the thought is that drivers (esp minors) cannot be trusted to not try and restart.


Yeah this seems dumb. Is there any way that if Turney had this he would not have gotten hit? I didn’t see the video, but obviously this would still require a driver out of the kart and pushing in order to get the thing going.

Also this just adds unnecessary complication, and additional points of failure.

Modern karts with plastic rear bumpers are a nightmare to self-restart. It’s so hard to lift the rear with these new plastic bumpers. Compression valve does not aid in my view, if anything makes it worse for solo starters. Oldskool looped bumpers, light karts and good technique is better, but we’re not getting that.

I suspect what is happening is that there might be push-back on no self-restart because of the risk of drivers losing points in heats etc… a weekend could be ruined by one incident at the start of a race. And when you compare to all other classes with have starter motors it’d be a source of issues.

I think these devices are dodgy, and unless you’re experienced you might end up with karts firing and going their merry way without a driver.

This is just ‘action’ before they go back to TaG I suspect. It’s all a mess.

Joe’s issue was pushing his kart onto the racing line. This device may have helped but he put his kart in the position it was. He didn’t need to.


I wonder if it will be brought in for the OK-N classes in the US.

Stars does not allow on track restarts in OKN


Well that settles that then. Seems like a better approach from a safety standpoint. Harsh from a competition standpoint but given the potential consequences what can you do. Some of the nastiest accidents I’ve seen have been push start rejoining.

I guess you could argue that electric starting is the safest answer… but then an electric start OK is essentially a TaG so the differentiation for the CIK “elite” classes is diminished.

Also wonder if there’s potential for a rushed engine or carb change to cause a stuck throttle. Sounds like a system like this was self-implemented by some teams, so maybe that was considered in the design.

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I don’t mind this - with today’s bodywork anything that’ll help a driver get going will help especially on solo trackdays.

I have tried to reintroduce the steel rear bumper to minimal interest even though it was faster.

Great for solo drivers and/or practice days. Horrible for competition.


Let’s be honest, If you have to restart on track, your race is basically over.


I guess it depends. I’ve gained championship positions by self-restarting where others were not willing. Claiming points for a finish where others had a DNF.

But I was also 18/19 years old :laughing:

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As James said, it’s about picking up minor positions that can make a big difference come the end of a championship or just race weekend.

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I hate points racing so that’s never a consideration for me. I get it though because I know a lot of people that do make a big deal about getting every point possible.

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when their spending 250,000+ a year every point matters. Also there’s so few actual rounds. The World Champs is a one weekend affair, so it really is a case of every little point matters.

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Yes but if you don’t try you have truly lost, imo. If I’m gonna be last I’m going down kicking and screaming like the big baby I am. Now push me, please.

Push me, too… But back to the pits… Where the beer fridge is…