Hard Compound Tire Recommendation

Looking for a long lasting hard compound tire. Currently have Bridgestone YDS. I’ve heard these are closer to a Medium compound. I’m looking for a tire that could work well for at least a whole season of running if not more!

YDS is about as hard as it gets. They are not medium compound tires. We ran one set for two years in Cadet…


The problem is that “a season” varies a lot in terms of miles and YDS is about the hardest “racing” tire you can get.
Harder than that, are more like Duro rental kart tires.
They are HARD and will definitely last a long time…

If you find tire wear is severe it could be down to track surface.

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I have done more than a few rental races with cord showing on rental tires. End of life for these things is flexible. :joy: imho they get coned to oblivion before they fully wear thru.