Hard or soft seat for kz

Hi guys,

Quick one here, seat stiffness…I am reading tons of different theories and am totally lost on this one.

For a kz crg road rebel being a tall guy at about 1.84cm and not the slimest weighing 83kg what do you guys think is best?

The idea is either to get a t11 or t9.5 seat, currently have a t11t which is rather worn out…has been refibered at the bottom.

Is it true to say that loosening seat struts on both sides I would be simulating a softer seat???

The kart sometimes on fast corners gets a little unsettled especially if we are talking fast chicanes…

Thanks to all!!!

Personally, I wouldn’t loosen seat struts.
Other members on the forums will be able to provide more insight than I would here, so I’m replying to bump this thread to the top.

In general, a hard seat type should be more suitable for KZ.

In general you can’t really go wrong with any of the Tillett seats. Tillett has used everything from the T8, T9, T9.5, T11 etc. and won international KZ races with them. They recommend the T9 or T9.5 for taller drivers since it’s reclined more.

Loosening the chassis seat struts is a common fine tuning adjustment. We use this a lot to dial in the last bit of flex into the kart.

I would select based on how the kart handles based on tires, track conditions etc. If you’re at the level where the seat flex amount matters, you’ll need more than one most likely. It’s a highly nuanced change.

Some questions…

What do you mean when you say “gets a little unsettled”
At what point in the turn does this begin and stop.
What have you tried so far to remedy the problem?
Are you on reasonably decent tires when this happens?

Lastly, do you have a video of this that we can look at?

I would note that seat tuning would be one of the last resorts when it comes to fixing a handling issue, so I wouldn’t necessarily be trying to select a seat to fix a problem, unless you have tried every other handling adjustment on the kart.

The seat is a large variable in the entire tuning process, so for me I would get a seat you know works (any of the Tilletts listed above), and focus on tuning the kart to fix your unstable condition.

Big thanks @tjkoyen @KartingIsLife @Endless

I am going to go for the t11t most probably. Spoke to Steve at tillett too and also points me to a t11t.

As per unstability, it happens to me on a fast chicane coming in from a straight where you need to lift slightly, left turn, stick to the left side of the track to take the right hander cleanly. I feel the kart gets unstable with left, right turning action. As i am tall i was thinking of too much weight transfer from one side to the other, so basically sitting lower in the kart with a t9.5 to get rid of this as think I am losing a tenth in the chicane…

It could also be me not lifting enough and entering too hard…which is most probable. Maybe a little understeer mid corner which causes me to get to the right hander in not an ideal position to take it well enough.

The seat strut idea I picked up on internet, but sounded a little odd, especially on a KZ…cadets, juniors without stuts fine but not for a KZ…


Forgot! I drive on vega whites normally, sometimes use greens too just to get a little longer life out of them. The track is normally in decent shape, not like a la conca or jesolo with tons of rubber but grip is ok.

Will try to open up a little in the front and move the stearing less to be cleaner through it.

The t11t i currently have in the chassis is a little worn out…the flat bottom cracked and got it refibered, its full of holes testing out different seat positions, so guess that is not helping the cause…

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Some of the fastest karts I’ve seen had seats that look like Swiss cheese. Cracked bottom don’t matter other than cosmetics.