Has anyone tried Panta 102?

Most importantly, is there a difference in lap time??? The price is too high

I think you’ll have to give more details on the application……

This is a question for the European crew, we don’t have Panta in US but it’s the choice in Europe. In general, you’ll find fuels rarely drive measurable change in power or lap time, like you spend extra $50 and now you have half hp or gain a tenth…they are all pretty much the same performance-wise when it comes to race fuels that we normally use in karting.

Where you see differences is resistance to detonation, reliability, temps, jetting, etc.

Like any spec fuel, the moment it becomes sanctioned, it sells at a premium and often the new fuels are not better performance wise, they may have been picked for environmental, health, availability, regulatory, margins or other reasons

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I should have been more clear. What class/engine.

If you’re in the US, this fuel won’t pass tech at most races because its oxygenated.

I’m talking about KZ.

No gains unless you adjust other parameters like ignition, squish etc to take advantage of the octane.

You wouldn’t notice any difference in lap times really, just a bigger expense