Heavy steering that starts on corner entry

I have a Margay Brava TAG kart that I autocross and run practice days at a local track. I have noticed that on corner entry the steering gets heavier (entry-mid and corner exit) during track days.

I will start this season with a new set of Vega tires (XH Green), and I have on the kart spindle pills, plus front torsion blade. I also have the Sniper laser tool for adjustments.

Could use some setup advise for this issue (easier steering at corner entry) or advise in what to look for (to see what the kart is not doing) to come up with a base setup that could solve this issue, and improve from there.

The manufacturer recommends Caster: Neutral / Camber: -2 mm per side / Toe: 1 mm out / F. bar: Stiff., but I will like to get some opinions before I start.


To solve this issue, increase the strength of the driver’s biceps, triceps, and abdominal muscles.


Is the steering starting “normal” and gets heavier? Or are you trying to make turn in lighter? Increasing caster generally lightens (and quickens) turn-in. I am not really a tuner, but that’s maybe a rhought.

Should make steering quicker & heavier, because inside front end turning lift is increased.

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So through the whole corner? I’d try a little less caster. Less caster makes for easier turn in, you might have to compensate a bit of understeer though with trailbraking. Less caster on exit makes you work slightly harder pulling the wheels straight but no big deal. I prefer more caster on my CRG, let’s me be smoother on exit because the wheels have a higher tendency to run straight with no input.

Increased caster takes more muscle on the wheel.

Lol got it backwards. 1/2 right!

Oddly in kk increasing caster appears to make turn in faster and more skatey.

It makes the kart turn-in faster and makes the steering heavier. It increases weight jacking.

Note that a kart naturally has very heavy steering compared to other vehicles, so maybe the heaviness you’re feeling is just normal? You’re literally twisting the frame when you turn the wheel, so it takes some effort.

Removing caster will reduce steering effort at the cost of front grip. Could also possibly reduce the steering rate on the column, though not sure if that’s adjustable on the Brava.

Looks like less caster is the starting point. I am planning on going neutral set up to start a baseline and then reduce caster.

Stand the wheels up more also. Take some negative camber out of the front and look to release the rear grip (widening rear hubs, stiffening axle, loose bumper) and that should help the front turn in also.

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One thing I’ll add… don’t overlook the mechanical side of things. By that I mean, ensure the washers are on the kingpin correctly and that the bearing/stub axle are not binding under load.

This happened to me once and took me a while to figure out why the kart was so nasty to drive. The stub axles moved freely on the stand… but on the track once it was loaded they bound severely.

Turned out the kingpin washers that had been installed were full sized, covering the entire stub assembly at the bearing end and forcing it to work against the downward force from the chassis.

No I didn’t assemble it :joy:


Thank you. Will check the hubs, kingpin and washers.

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I drove a race kart years ago without Ackermann and the steering was real heavy. You might check that you are at max available Ackermann and try that if not