Heidenau ice tires for Winter 2024

Is anyone getting their hands on Heidenau ice tires?? Having a hard time trying to figure out the back order deal not getting any replies from dealers about back order

Man those look fun!

@KartingIsLife see above Q

Hoping to hear back from Heidenau on their plans this week. Basically they only do one run a year for these tires and that’s it.


Heidenau will start a run of about 700 tires at the end of September.
I’ll be placing the preorders this week.
I’d expect orders placed this week to arrive early October for people

Unfortunately it’s not economical to sell individual sets of four because essentially you’re paying for shipping twice, so get with your buddies and order a box of 16 shipped from Germany straight to your door

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I just found out today that Heidenau are now only doing boxes of four sets (ie 16 tires)​.
Shipping costs are still insane, hoped we’d get a break this year but it seems not.
Cost on box of 16 tires is $1190​ including air shipping to your door in US or Canada.

Wowsies! These are by far the best? Sort of like those Swedish/Icelandic? snow tires that dominate?

H something? (Hakkapeliitta)

Shipping is the killer on the price.

They work very well, fit on racing kart wheels and last a long time. I went through quite a few different options before going with them.

We’ve had the same sets on our rentals for three seasons now, so they’ve seen a lot of miles in karts that weigh over 500lbs with heavier drivers in the seat. Karts have plenty of power too, wheelspin all the way down the straight if you keep it pinned, even though they have carbide studs.