Hello to all. 1st time karting and getting started

Hello to all.
I’m looking for a 50cc kart to start my 5 year old Karting this summer.
Suggestions on where to find one? Craigslist seems to be a crap shoot at best.

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Welcome @Aaron_John! These things tend to be a little localized. Whereabouts are you located?

48382 Michigan.
There are 2 tracks within 1.5 hours of me. One is in Lansing, MI. I have yet to visit but plan on when the season begins.
My son is short for his age. Should I look for a kart that has been modified for short legs?

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Get ready for some of the best memories you will ever have with your child. I run a Facebook page called Sprint Kart Racing Classifieds and Tech a lot of good Karts there. Hope it helps.

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As far as him being short they make pedal extensions and pedal relocator’s to bring the petals closer to the seat so you should not have any problems

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I did a quick google on your behalf.

This website seems to be a good resource for you;


This is their recommendation but i tend to agree with it (although you probably don’t need to worry about 4-5);

  1. Go visit local Sprint and Road Race events in order to see karts race, and talk with some of the racers. Ask if there is someone who lives in your area that you can buddy with at the track ,and exchange ideas and experiences.
  2. Buy used equipment first, to get the best financial entry point, and learn how the equipment operates, and how to perform basic maintenance and kart set-up.
  3. Plan to race at short, sprint tracks, to develop driving skills, and become familiar with event processes.
  4. Start with a kart designed to run in the “slower classes” like 2 cycle Yamaha sportsman or a 4 cycle class to develop driving skills. Fast classes like TaG and 125cc Shifter are impressive with their speed, but the guys who race those classes have good race experience, and appreciate being on the track with drivers having similar completion skills.
  5. Fast, high horsepower classes usually result in higher maintenance costs ranging from engine overhauls to tire costs. Lower horsepower helps hone driving skills being that with less power to “waste”, the driver must have better skills in order to win.
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To add to what Nick said. See if the local track has a kart that you can do an arrive and drive in on a quiet day.

There’s a few tracks within 150miles of you some of the others might be worth checking out. www.KartPulse.com/tracksandseries/map

Buying used gear for karting is a mess right now, I wish it was better. Here’s a list to look at.

We also have a business directory on the site that might help you find a dealer with used equipment: https://www.kartpulse.com/businesspages

Going to take a gander. Thank you.

There might be some of the kid karters moving up from ELKT and their stuff may be available if it hasn’t been sold yet. Also, PKT in Wixom specializes in kid kart stuff and Kim there is a great guy who I’m sure would give you some good direction.

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Yes sir. I’ve already spoken with Kim and been out to see his facilities.
He has my number in case any 5-8 kart and equipment comes up for sale.

We have a Facebook group of racers from ELKT that I can ping to see if any of the dads know of kid kart stuff for sale. I know one of the boys is moving up to Yamaha Junior Sportsman, but not sure if they still have the kart. I’ll let you know if it has not been sold.

I am pretty local to where you are at in Commerce (live in Holly and work in New Hudson) and, even though I don’t have any kid kart specific experience, would be happy to answer any questions you have or put you in contact with some of the kid kart dads from East Lansing.

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Thank you very much. I am willing to drive out of state for the right deal(s).
My brother in law lives in Holly. Oakwood St. He works at a lighting supply place near Island Lake State Recreation Area. Small world.

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Did you see if the other dads are selling their karts?

Hi Aaron. I did not here back from any of the dads with children moving up from kid karts, but one of the other racing dads suggested giving a call to one of the local kart vendors that would be worth a call. I will PM you name and contact info.

EDIT: Another guy mentioned going to “kid kart and cadet racing” on Facebook and there are a few on there for sale. Not sure what is on there or where it is located though.