Helmade Helmets: A review


On the 26th of March I decided to pull the trigger on my first custom helmet. For 6 years I ran a completely black carbon Simpson helmet. I came across Helmade helmets out of Germany and was quite impressed.

It just came in.

Pros :

  1. absolutely beautiful

  2. Attention to detail and paint job is impeccable

  3. Quick response for questions

  4. It was a 3 month turn around (not bad for a hand painted custom helmet)* see below for asterisk

  5. Site was easy to use and the amount of options and colours was overwhelming ( in a good way). Also liked that you can save your design.

  6. They use the Arai sk6 which is 100 million times better than my old Simpson. (Just also signed a deal with Schuberth for custom helmets).


  1. Shipping was snail mail, took 2 weeks. It was through DHL then USPS, for those of you in the US you know how tedious USPS can be. I held my breath the entire time it was in their possession. For the price it should have been shipped via UPS Or FedEx.

  2. I wish they sent updates and pictures during the painting process. Would have been really cool to see how it progressed.

    • The turn around was supposed to be 2 months but it took 3, not a big deal.

Those are all the things I can think of right now.

I wanted to share it not to discredit any helmet painter or designer on KP nor to influence anyone to purchase one. I just wanted share my experience as I hadn’t seen any in depth reviews on the company.

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Ooh that is sharp indeed.

Perhaps a few little ideas:

Since you just spent 1k, how about another few hundo?

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Their configurator on their website is a pretty cool thing. It’s an interesting business model they’ve set of for themselves with most of their work not being totally “custom” but color changes on existing designs. For the price though, it’s not bad and people seem to like their work.

Painters don’t like doing this because every now and then you get a client that freaks out when something isn’t perfect or a color shade looks off to them. The helmet goes through some ugly stages before it’s done, and I’ve had people call me very upset when I send progress pics they have begged for, and they want to question and nitpick a thousand things on a half-completed paint job.

Do you have conversations with them before they paint or is it literally adding the job to your cart and they send when it’s done?

I dig the color scheme.

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It’s pretty much add it to your cart and go, I believe you can make changes within 2 weeks of ordering. I spent quite a while going back and forth between certain shades so I was confident in what I wanted.

As I said though I asked them about the status a month ago and got back promptly. But communication was initiated by me.

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