Helmet Bags

Whats everyone use. I got a nice Simpson one a while back and it is soft but the opening kinda sucks and I feel the zippers hit the helmet all the time. With spendy helmets and especially once TJ works his magic. Whats everyone using?

My Bell helmet came with a drawstring helmet bag. I really like that because there are no zippers or anything. Plus I have a gear bag everything goes in to the track so it’s even more protection.

I’ve got the Arai backpack bag I use (and sell). It has a spare shield pouch, a couple pockets for spare hardware or Molecule, and some straps that pop out if you want to wear it on your back like a backpack.


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Yeah I have my drawstring. But I hate it. The helmet barely fits in it. So it’s a pain in the ass to put it in the bag. And if I don’t line it up right it won’t pull all the way closed and the hole leaves part of the helmet exposed.

I guess I could try to find a larger drawstring first. Then get a new bag.

Have the sparco dry tech with a fan inside which is ok (good concept but fan lacks oomph). Also have the Stilo bag which has padding to protect helmet from the zipper, I would recommend.

I saw this on Tillett’s insta feed not to long ago.

It’s a carbon fiber helmet case. I’m intrigued by the concept but at £1,200 it’s a pass.

That’s a beautiful case. So beautiful I’d have TJ paint it and then I’d display it indoors.

That bag is insanely cool looking. $1500 though… oof.

I’m considering becoming a dealer for Pro-Tex Racing bags from Japan if enough interest is generated. They make cool hardcase luggage for racing gear. I got their R-2 bag this winter and it’s a nice piece that holds my helmet, two suits, boots, multiple pairs of gloves, neck collar, and rib vest.


I use a gear bag for my Suit, Shoes, Socks, 2 pairs of gloves, Helmet, Spare Shield Clear/Tinted, and neck roll. I got it from Amelia Island when one of the cars we took must have won an award and my guess is the car owner didn’t want it. So somehow I ended up with it. I really like it but brand is completely unknown no markings on it at all or tags. It has room for what I need to drive and is compact.

I need something like that for flying.