Helmet choices

With all the helmet choices out there, what are some of your top picks? I need to replace an older Snell 95 with at least a Snell 2010. My first thought was another Bell, BR1 maybe. Or the Sport EV.


You can’t go wrong with Arai, Bell, or Stilo. If possible, try on multiple helmets and see which one is the most comfortable. My son is using a Stilo this season and loves it as it is very light.

Sk-6 arai is pretty standard helmet choice. Karting specific.

Arai is the standart and safe way to go in my country . But bell helmets is the way my heart goes every time im in the same crossroad

Bell BR has the vents facing towards the rear. This is great helmet for dirt and if you need forced air. The sport EV has one of the largest eye ports on the market. Not a lot of ventilation. I think for bells line up there are some better options for karting. RS7-K, Sport, K.1, M.8 all in that price range are ones I would look at as far as bells. I’ve been debating on trying on a Stilo or Arai for my next helmet, those feel the best on my head.

Personally I really like the Stilo helmets. For one the style looks nice to me but when I tried them on it fit very well. I need a slightly thinner cheekpad which whey installed before the even sent me the helmet and it fits great now. I haven’t worn it on track yet but at was very firm and had an even pressure around the whole helmet.

Bell M8 or the Stilo ST5FN composite. Now to find them and try them on.

I’m very happy with my Impact Charger helmet.

I have a Stilo ST5 for auto racing and love it’s fully integrated electronics / intercom, built in noise canceling ear muffs and other features but when it’s fully loaded up like that it becomes pretty heavy for kart use. I use an older SA 2010 helmet I had previously for the kart right now. Will probably look at the kart specific Arai or Stilo when my current 2010 helmet expires in the near future.