Helmet re-certification

Hi All, so I rushed and bought a helmet that isn’t SA2015, it is FIA*****. However my club will not recognize that the FIA rating it has is greater than SA2015.

Anyways, I thought I had read about (possibly Bell) that you could send in to get your FIA helmet a SA2015 sticker. Searched everywhere to find info. I have reached out to OMP to see if they offer anything.

I purchased a OMP GP8K, love it
Shipping would be killer back to UK, so trying to find my options before getting something else.

Looking at the website, it says FIA-5589 which is of course more than adequate for karting. I’m not sure how to go about getting an SA sticker for it, but I can’t imagine that’s going to be easy/timely/or even possible. Are you sure it doesn’t have an SA sticker inside already?

A bit late now, but for future information, that helmet is literally just an off-the-shelf design that multiple companies produce under different names. Vega sells the same exact design helmet here in the US for $165.

Edit* Winding Road also sells the same OMP helmet here in the US and it is indeed SA2015 rated.

Ordering from the UK probably wasn’t necessary either.

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That is a different model than I got. I have the Gp8K that is rated FIA 8859-2015 . But that Vega and the OMP OS70 is identical. https://www.ompracing.com/en_gb/gp-8.html

Thanks TJ

I think they are all the same design. The visor, latch mechanism, vent design, hardware and shape are all identical. Yours has a different rear spoiler but that’s it. The interior padding material is even the same based on the photos.

So I would imagine yours is Snell certified, maybe it just doesn’t say it on the website. Did you receive the helmet yet and check for a Snell sticker inside?

Yeah I looked for it many times lol. And it is a similar design. Didn’t even realize that. I am leaning towards a the Rs7k now…but I am going to wait for a shop to open so I can try on a few.


Curious, are you confident that they are the same right down to the impact materials etc?

It’s possible the EPS foam is slightly different construction.

The rest of it is clearly the same mould. Smaller helmet companies or companies that don’t want to spend the time and money developing a lower-end model do this pretty often. The original Zamp helmets were just the previous generation Bell Europe models. They bought the design from them and slapped their name on it. Then there was the old TRP design that went through about 4 different brand names, the previous Black Armor helmets that were the same as the bottom end Pyrotect helmets and the new one that looks exactly the same as last generation’s Roux helmet minus the comms and water ports, the Oreca helmet which is last generation’s Stilo… and so on.