Helmet requirements

Anybody know the helmet standards that need to be met for running in the LO206 briggs class? Does it just have to be a Snell 2015 to newer rating?

that’s a safe bet. No ambiguity if you have snell certified one. Many folks don’t use snell though, at least in club. It’s worth it regardless of rulebook imho.

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My local track requires Snell SA2015 or higher and I think that’s the case at most tracks. You could always call your local tracks that you expect to race at just to make sure.

The helmet requirements are typically set by the club\series\track vs the particular class. For sure you will want to check with the places you plan racing at… just in case

WKA Technical Manual states for there Master Tracks/Series
Snell M or SA 2010 until 12/20/2021 then it will need to be 2015+

The place Im gonna be racing at will be GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC. I dont see any requirements listed. I will have to call them sometime this week.

Snell ratings are typically honored for 10 years after their issue date. As Ronald noted, a 2010 will be good until the end of this year. SA/K2015 ratings are the current standard, good until 2025 most places. Snell 2020 helmets will be released at the end of this year.

It’s organizationally dictated, but almost every club/series uses the same standard.

Check your club or series supplementary rules or regulations. Snell K or SA 2015 is likely to be legal in all series. M2015 is also acceptable in a lot of clubs and series. 2010 is good most places in the short term unless otherwise specified, but your likely to be buying a helmet in a year with any 2010 cert

Just get a Snell SA or K 2015 and don’t look back.


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