Helmet visor maintenance

Hey there! I’ll be getting my first actually good helmet for karting in the near future and since the visors of all the helmets I had used before got a lot of scratches and got quite foggy after a few time using it on the track, I wondered if you have Any tips on avoiding that, since the new visors are considerably more expensive than the ones I had before… Best regards from Brazil

Best thing you can do is buy some tear offs. When it starts to get scratchy peel it off n put a new one.

Clean it with gentle cleaner and microfiber cloth only. Keep it inside the bag it will come with when you’re not at the track.

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Only use a soft microfiber to clean, like Richard mentioned. Blue rags or shop towels are guaranteed to ruin the visor after a few cleanings.

Do not use strong detergents like Simple Green. Molecule Helmet Cleaner and Polish is my choice, or soapy water if you don’t have access to that.

Using tear-offs is another favorite choice for many people too. I don’t use them anymore, just because I find if you clean the visor properly at the end of each day, you can keep it looking like new for years. I have a couple Arai mirrored shields I have used for multiple years and they still look new.

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Tear offs are the the hot ticket, and cheap. As for the inside, experience has shown if you do need to wipe it, be darn sure it’s with a very SOFT material (not microfibre) that’s loaded with water. Any anti-fog used will generally work, again with plenty of water, unless it’s already scratched. At that point anything you do will just accelerate the poor vision you already have. Hoped this helps

I use the Motul helmet clean. Great thing about is you can use it to clean the helmet and visor together.