Helmet Weights

All weighed in grams on electronic food scale for greatest accuracy.


Hey Gary!

Has this been weighing on you?

Hey Rob. Yes it has. Two broken vertebrae (one from a crash in Avon in 2019) and arthritis in my spine makes helmet weight important to me. I needed a new one so I weighed a bunch to understand what was available. Information on helmet weight is inconsistent and hard to find online. So I did it myself.

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This is good to have. When I was looking into helmets, this would have been nice to have handy! Thanks!

I weigh every new helmet I get in my shop just out of curiosity. It’s nice to see someone compile the weights into a nice chart.

I just weighed the following:
Arai SK-6 - size S = 1468g
Arai GP-6S (no HANS)- size S = 1509g
Stilo ST5FN (no HANS) - size M = 1498g
Arai GP-7S (no HANS)- size L = 1542g

I have some other Bells and Stilos in various states of disassembly here too. I JUST had a GP-7SRC carbon in here (8860-rated F1 spec), would’ve loved to tell you how much that weighed.

Things that make helmets weigh more or less:

  • Shell size: For Arai the same shell is used for small and medium I think, and large and XL each have their own size shell
  • Materials: For many of these light helmets, especially the Stilo, they use really thin and small rubber trims on the eyeport and edges to save weight. The Arai uses a really chunky, thick trim.
  • General construction: Of course the design of the shell, visor, and hardware will all have a big effect on how light they can get the helmet. The new Arais have a lot more plastic vents on them now, the visor hardware is more substantial and along with Bell uses two screws per side to hold the visor on, whereas the Stilo uses only one screw per side. Arai also has a fairly beefy visor latch mechanism, where Bell just has a hole in the visor that snaps over a nub to keep it closed. Stilo has the center latch which is also probably lighter than the Arai.
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