Helmets in a plane solution: how to pack

Anyone got a good idea for helmet transport? Takes up a ton of space in bags.

What works for you, flying with gear?

Suitcase thread! (No grills please).

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A lot of people use their helmet as their carry-on or personal item.

Stuff clothes inside the helmet so your not wasting that space

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Not a bad idea and yes I can stuff it with socks and underwear.

Any reason to plonk down money for a travel helmet case? Iirc there was a Japanese brand you swore by @tjkoyen

I got a ProTex Racing bag from Japan: monocolle, RACING SHOP

It’s a little pricey and it’s more than a helmet bag, as it fits literally all my driving gear, but it is really nice. It’s bigger than my carry-on luggage, but would probably fit in an overhead bin. I’ve never flown with it.

As an Arai dealer, I sell the Arai helmet bag/backpack which is more of a soft bag dedicated for helmets, but much cheaper ($69.95). It’s nice, as it has a soft liner, some padding, and a dedicated soft sleeve for spare visors, as well as some good side pockets where I keep extra hardware or Molecule cleaner.

I Always take it as carry on. You never know what your hold bag gets smacked against - baggage trolleys, falling off the belt loader etc. Then one day you need it to protect your head n it opens up like a sardine can.


Yeah I would never check a helmet. The risk of it getting beat up is too high. Either carry-on, or I know some drivers have just shipped it to the track via FedEx/UPS. $50 and they can insure it, package it nicely, and just pick it up when they arrive.

Shipping is a great idea, thanks. I willl look into the Japanese bag.

The dedicated soft sleeve for the visors has me itching to pull trigger on a couple of those arai bags.

Highly recommend the Arai helmet bag. Very nice quality. I really like mine and nice that visor pouch keeps spare visor scratch free. The arai karting helmet is also super nice.

Only negative to Arai helmet is the price of replacement visors$$$$$

Yes but… comparing the thickness of the Arai visors compared to nicks bell, it looks like the arai is almost 1/4 inch thick. It looks like it would stop a .22. I am very pleased with my sk6.

Carry on. Just a standard helmet bag for that. I don’t trust TJs artwork any other way.

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I quite prefer the charcoal grill method. Little bit of seasoning and rub, burn that baby down to ashes so it’s nice and compact. Always let rest before you do anything with it though.
Seasoning and rub of your choice

On a non grill note, I’d take it as a carry on, I find a normal backpack to fit pretty well.

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Slam an N-95 decal on it, and wear it onto the plane. Just make sure to take a selfie and share it with the group.


Genius, I didn’t pay $600 just to wear my helmet 8 times a year.
New mask :white_check_mark:

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