[Help] A rental kart setup of KartKraft for driving skill training

Hi, I’m a newbie here. I tried rental karts and like this sport. Considering the weather, the cost, and Covid19, I decide to begin with sim racing, and karting is what I’m focusing on. I bought KartKraft, AMS, AMS2, RF2, and an FFB wheel only for the karting sims. Now I’m studying with KartKraft.
I don’t think I get the chance to race with real people in an F1 or Farrari in my real life. So I’m not interested in playing Sim of F1 or GT. But racing in a kart or rental kart is possible.
I watched ‘Korsasport Karting Development’ (TJ here I guess :>) youtube tutorial video to learn the knowledge and try those skills in KK which worked!

Now I’m confused by the leaderboard and TimeTrial. I watched some KK alien’s youtube videos, I think that’s not the road (driving style) I should pick. Outsmarting KK’s developer and the physic program is another branch of training. I doubt if copying the ghost ahead of me is the right way for me.

I wish Experienced Karting Experts Here could provide [A rental kart setup of KartKraft for driving skill training]. The setup may not be so realistic but it works as a BAN of those leaderboard alien driving styles.

I don’t know if a KK setup could make these driving styles slower than a realistic style.

If the setup exists in KK, friends could use the same kart setup to compete track time and improve driving skills. Multiple setups could be given or the competitive setup could be updated by month to train drivers adapting to kart.

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Welcome! Just this morning g someone asked on my YouTube channel about wether making big inputs in KK is like real karting.

Answer: No.

There is much about KK that isn’t accurate to IRL. You would upset the kart rather dramatically Irl, most likely, and end up spun.

Setup is not the silver bullet it is in other games, imho. Setup here seems to be about tweaking the kart to your driving style and it’s not clear to me that it’s as influential as it can be in other sims. That being said, we tend to share setups if you ask and what I’ve found is that others can have massively different tunes and be similar laptimes.

That being said, most of the game is accurate to IRL and the underlying rules/technique/logic is the same as irl, mostly. The braking plays out differently and there’s no feedback (yaw) so one learns over time how to deal with that aspect.

At the end of the day, it’s still basically the same thing. You accelerate, brake, turn, accelerate. All the normal rules apply. You just have a bit more grip and a bit more ability to make the kart rotate. I think it’s “stickier”.

You don’t have to drive “wrong” in KK. You can approach this as you would a real kart. I believe my active input style is a result of strong grip interactions between the kart tire and the laid down rubber. I use that quick motion to release tire and rotate. It can be done differently.

If you look at @tankyx footage, you will see an actual alien doing alien things. It looks more normal.

I feel like I get a lot out of practicing in Kk. I may be fooling myself but I doubt it. I seem to be more consistent when I sim a lot and I seem to keep learning new stuff.

Setup seems to generally change with each patch. We mess around till we find something that “behaves”.

I’ll post my x30 setup for you later.

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Thanks a lot. Is KA100 better for training? Is X30 the faster one harder to drive?

Well x30s definitely more vigorous and jumpy. I’m torn because ka100 is not my current favorite but has been in the past. My setup isn’t there, I don’t think, and I have focused on x30.

Try both! The ka will be more forgiving.

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For the things you will be practicing in KK and it’s limitations, it’s not really going to matter which you drive. Just try whichever is fun for you and allows you to pound out laps.

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Oh to answer your question… x30 is about 30hp where ka is 20 I think. The fastest kart in game is the KZ shifter which is closer to 50hp I think. Actually the kartkross, come to think of it, is fastest. In a straight line, the monster kart, probably.

tires get hot, quick!

Setup for x30 currently:

Tires: 6 will go to 11-12. You can start from here. You will find hot temps of between 11-18 ish seem to make sense. Ill mess around staggering pressures as I see how the tire heats up.

Gearing: 9-66 is OK for medium tracks like PFI-C, maybe GVKC. The long tracks like AMP are more like 9-62 - 9-64. Gearing seems to range overall 9-62-9-68.

The specific kart I use is Formula K for both KA and X30. This seems to be the most popular one. Try the CRG for a different experience.

This is but one of many workable tunes. I can ask for other tunes from other folks, too.

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Some concepts I want to make sure I understand right:

  1. Does Front Left/Right Ride Height: LOW make the kart’s nose down? COG to the front?
  2. Seat Position Longitudinal 0% seats the driver COG Front or Back?
  3. Seat Position Vertical 0% seats the driver COG Down or Up?

I hadn’t noticed that it specifically affected front. That makes sense though.

With seat 0,0 would be low and back. 100,100 would be high and forwards.

To me, low and back makes the braking more stable.

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Oh, I used to think Seat Position Longitudinal 0% means frontend. KK’s 3D kart model’s seat won’t move to display the result. Thanks!
I tried 100% to seat back to try understeer, I even doubt if Understeer exists in KK…