Help a Young Kart Driver Dream Bigger

My son Jason has entered the Champion Spark Plug Search for a Champion contest and he needs to crowdsource votes. We are asking for our fellow kart drivers to register and vote every day. It would be even more helpful to share this link and ask other to help out.

Jason has won multiple sprint and road racing championships and is planning a full season of road racing next season and could really use the support of a major sponsor. He is also a nice kids who hangs out with drivers of all ages at the tracks. If you see the Wild Duck Racing truck at a track be sure to stop by and say HI!.

Click below to see his profile, don’t forget to watch the video.
Racin’ Jason Search for a Champion

Thanks to everyone for helping.

Hey Steve, I’m surprised you guys are participating in this, because it’s different to how you and Jason work to provide value for people.

Is it within the rules of the contest to offer something to voters?

The goal here is to show we can provide clicks and eyes. So, in a sense, it is the service we provide as a marketing partner, we just have to prove that we can do what we say. As for different, it is not our usual M.O. but you need to stretch your wings to fly.

Votes have chances to win champion merchandise, though I am guessing that is not what you meant. I suppose I could figure out a way to create a sub-contest but at the moment I don’t have any feedback from the contest regarding votes or voters.

I do really need to get some t-shirts made just for occasions like this.

I guess, to be honest, I see so many of these contests floating about each year, I wonder what the value would be in for me to vote for a specific person. I don’t get any rewards for voting, or see any new useful content after I vote, so I typically just ignore these on the whole.

Especially when I don’t know the person at all, so I don’t have a personal investment in needing to vote in these types of contests.

Though, best of luck with everything!

Yeah that’s kinda where I was going. Not so much the value for champion, because they are getting spammed everywhere with this thing, by that metric this campaign is a great value for them.

Moreso, I was posing the question of what’s the value prop/incentive for people to vote. Perhaps a another question is, what is the value for you and Jason, given the time you spend on it.

I don’t have the answer, because that’s personal to you of course. Just something to ponder.

What do we get:

First no matter what happens we get a dose of reality. It’s work to promote the Jason, the team and sponsors. This gives a quick metric to see if we are reaching a fan base.

If we do well get some sponsorship funds and more experience in the business and marketing of racing.

We got into racing for the fun , the life skills, and giving Jason opportunities that I never had.

For the voters there is only support of a racers dreams.

Some may disagree with my approach, and that’s fine, too.

Some food for thought from my experience. Seeking sponsorship is not different than any other sales job. What value are you offering to someone you are seeking sponsorship? Also, it is a numbers game. If you need to talk to 1,000 people before the 1,001 person says “Sign Me Up”, you would knock out this task fairly quickly. The problem is, we don’t know if the 1st person will say sign me up or the 1001.

Also, persistence and focus. DON’T GIVE UP!!! Just a life lesson. If you have a dream or goal, DON’T GIVE UP. Seek those that are like minded and pour your energy into your goals.

Also, be creative. Look around to find out what others are doing. Look ahead and see what those that have succeeded did. In any case, you need to stand out. There are countless great, broke ass racers at all levels. DON’T GIVE UP!!!

When others quit, that makes more room for you. Persevere.

Yup, We have a few local businesses which, at this level, are much more fun than the corporate sponsors. We get to share stories and adventures with the local, to corporate not so much.

As for being creative, here we are, this contest is something new for us, trying to see what we can do and how it works.
I also in the process of redoing our sponsorship proposal packets.

You can check us out out on our blog, and on the usual social media.

Thanks for the encouragement, he wants to be a pro and we both know difficult that is. For now we are having fun racing and trying out some new things, so that he has something to fall back on and support is racing habit.

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Hey Steve,
I was reading this article and almost immediately thought of this thread. Give a look and see if it might help you come up with some new ideas for your program.

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This is why we race, This is the core of the team, Son and Dad having fun together. Help us share our love of the sport and spending time together. Today is the last day of the program, so, like this, share this post, and vote.
Thanks Steve & Jason Wild Duck Racing