Help - Brake Rotor Nuts Loosening

I had my first drive in my ComKart LO206. Several of the nuts holding the brake rotor to the hub loostened. Are Nylocs the answer or will they get too hot? Mechanical locknuts? Lock washers?

Don’t use Nylock the nylon might melt or give out. Use mechanical lock nuts or also known as flex top lock nuts.


Usually nylocs are sufficient, but you run the risk of them melting the nylon when you need them the most.

Were the nuts checked before you went out?

Check the alignment of the rotor in relation to the caliper, then snug the nuts a little tighter. You could also switch to jam nuts.

I have never had an issue with standard Nylocs, but if you need some extra insurance put a drop of Lock-tite blue on the threads before running up the nut.

I would have to check but at one time the use of Nyloc nuts on the brake rotor wasn’t allowed.


Thanks everyone. I think I will go with the locktite.