Help buying used LO206

Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy my first kart engine. I’ll be doing sprint karting in seniors. I know buying used high reving engines like KAs is risky so I’ve decided to buy a 206.

I know the components last a lot longer since they run at half the rpms of the KAs but I don’t know how long these engines last.

How do I determine wether a used lo206 is in good condition?

If I have no other options I’m open to buying a new stock 206.

Thanks in advance.

Have you ask around in your local track? Usually there could be at least 1 or 2 engine upfor sale.

Not sure where you are located - but agree with asking at local track. Another option (if you can stomach it) is FB - typically several for sale in several different LO206 groups or Marketplace.

Highly recommend just buying new. Used is a giant gamble.


I have asked around a bit, so far no luck.

where are you located? And do you have a track in mind?

South FL, AMR motor Plex

In our area (PA/OH) the market is so strong for used known engines that I usually just tell my new racers to buy new. A new Lawson prepped engine is $1100 for engine/carb. The used market is probably in the $900 range for an engine from a trusted seller. Heck I give $800 on trade ins typically even.

So for a couple hundred dollars you get zero mysteries or surprises and an engine that’ll cost you about .25 a lap to run over the course of a year maybe.

Now most used engines do come with used components that do save you some money but again, it’s the difference of inheriting someone else’s history/issues or having a known quantity.

All that said, I wouldn’t buy any engine off of Craigslist or Marketplace that wasn’t from a known racer. A racer that you can talk to face to face at the track is way more likely to be honest with you than a rando online.


All good points, thank you!