Help dating a Margay Wildcat Kid Kart

Hello Brothers and Sisters.

I am about to drive down to Waco, TX this weekend to look at a Kid Kart for my Daughter. Ideally a X-mas gift this year. The Owner seems to know very little about the Kart As it was put together by a friend for his daughter to use after something happened to their previous kart.

I am curious if anyone has any information that could help me identify and date the age of this kart. It is listed as a Margay. Looks to have swept front sidepod joints. From this, I can only assume its a least 10 years old, but not sure. Let me know what you think.

Here are the Pics:

Looking at the plate on the bearing carrier it’s a DAP rather than a Margay. I’m pretty sure there’s no overlap in manufacturers between those two.

Yeah, I thought that rather strange too. Can’t find any info on DAP Darts.

They are an older manufacturer. Not sure what or if they make anything anymore. But they made engines and karts years ago. Senna drove for DAP.

Kind of my worry. If something breaks or wears out, will I be able to find replacement parts for it?

‘Check out’ Margay-DAP-kid-kart on the net.
DAP as stated were a respected European builder of karts and engines in the 80s/90s and evidently were still building karts into
the 2000s.
The angled pod bars were 'outlawed ’ around 2004 in Europe.
The karts illustrated on the net show the rather nice DAP mechanical brake caliper as used by Paul Fletcher of PFI fame in his successful racing days.