HELP! hardware store bolt for a king pin?

(Blake sholders) #1

This may be a stupid question but bent my left front king pin bolt at some point, just discovered it was bent tonight. Margay no longer sells the 5/16 king pin bolts that were on their older karts. Has anyone used a hardware store bolt as a king pin? It would save me $80 if so. Otherwise I’ll have to upgrade all the front end hardware to 3/8. Thanks!

(Bryan Hall) #2

I’m not sure what yours looks like. I’d check with Ace Hardware first, and then if they don’t have it. I’d use a grade 8 shoulder screw under:

(John Leah) #3

Out of probably 30 karts which have passed through my hands over the years, only one had anything other than a commercial high tensile bolt or Allen screw as a king pin.

We went metric in UK some time ago , but when we were using 5/16 king pin bolts these would have been UNF thread to S standard.

Surprisingly an 8mm bolt measures exactly the same as 5/16 and the equivalent metric standard is 8.8.

Both these material standards are standard commercial and nothing special.

I would go for a bolt / Allen screw long enough to give enough plain shank to pass right through yoke, spindle, plus any caster camber adjustment you may have which probably means cutting off excess thread.

(Blake sholders) #4

Okay thank you very much for the help guys!