Help identify piston pls

Hi i want to know if this is a green marked piston or red

It has like a small triangle before the numbers

The triangle notates that is the exhaust side when you install it on the rod.

Need to see the sides of the piston. First guess is a Burris piston of some sort.

dont have my phone but its all blackish on the sides…

I think he’s trying to figure out what IAME “dot” it is.

@Awa I think you’re just going to have to get the bore scope out and see where it’s at after honing it. Looks like you got your money’s worth out of that piston.

Info… its a 54.25 V that means its only 54.27 left after that what. Do i need new cylinder or a new sleeve if its possible??

Nah plenty left, I always ran with 0.11mm piston clearance. Very strong