Help Identifying a kart and advice on rebuilding it

Hey all,

I’m new here and would like to ask for some help. I’ve recently bought a kart for my son that hasn’t been taken care of very well. It being his first kart, we’ve decided to make a project of it and rebuild it. I’m not to familiar with karts and/or small engines, but willing to learn. But, I feel my first step in this process is learning a little about the chassis itself. That being said, here is what I know about it as of right now.

The chassis is a Margay chassis, as it has a sticker on the frame. It also has KG stamped on the frame. I’ve located the serial number in the right spindle hanger (B05028L). I’ve tried to Google all of those details, but so far nothing has indicated what chassis or year this one is. I’ve also reached out to Margay, still waiting for a response.

Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance


Post some pictures. Margays are pretty popular and pretty universal.

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I’ve added one in the original post.

Disclaimer: I am not a Margay expert so believe others over me

Judging from pictures and SN I think you’re looking at a 2005 Margay Brava. There were a few variations. Take a picture of kart from behind as to see rear frame rails.

I think it may also have been be a “limo” version with the longer front porch. Great starter kart. You guys will have fun!

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Margay Brava 1.4 2004-2005 as the 1.6 model was released in 2006. I have a 1.8 that has served me well in the 206.

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How can you tell is a Brava and not a 4 (without seeing the rear bar)? Did they even have Brava 4’s back then? For my own learning.

This is all great information, I plan to look into suggested models. Is there a good place that you guys recommend to search information on certain models, and obtain info on how they were originally built? I would like to restore it close to the way it would have been originally done.

Heres a picture of the back.

Limo version noted by the L at the end of the s/n btw. Irrelevant for anything other than the floorpan when buying parts, but is good to know for the owner.

When is dad getting his kart? :smiley:

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Yes. Why let the kids have all the fun? There’s a lot of meat on the bone for adults in karting. Ditch jogging and start lapping!

Dad will definitely be riding this one as well! Lol


IIRC brava 4 was around at that time too. They didn’t have the front bar option but had the rear bar. You can see in the original photo the tubing for a rear bar and obviously a front bar.

The brava 4 rear cross bar was straight across. The brava 1 has an angled rear cross bar.

Would you guys happen to know where I could find some pictures of this chassis. Also, do you know a good place to get parts for this cart?

Start here:

Ive been all over their site. Ive emailed them twice(no response). I think my kart being an older chassis, they just dont sell parts specifically for it any more. Im sure there are universal parts, im really just unsure what those parts might be.

It’s easier to call Margay than e-mail.

Most parts are universal. Spindles and steering shaft are more unique to Margay as well as their pills.

You can always try Comet. Again, a phone call is better and easier.

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Also, what are you looking to replace? We can point you in the right direction for parts if we know specifically what you’re after.

Good to know, Thanks.

So some items im looking to replace are;

Fuel tank(wanting to replace the one the currently sits on the engine).


Seat brackets(previous owner(s) had fabricated replacements with flat steele due to original breaking).

Front bumper
Brake system
Axle and components
Torsion bar

Im sure most of these are universal, but what sizes are more standard?