Help identifying an engine

I was given a go kart for my children and have been working on the engine. After cleaning the carburetor, I am in need of o-rings but cannot find a model number on the engine. It’s a Subaru. I am thinking Ex series. Pics are attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m making a bit of a quick judgement, but it looks like a typical Ruxing type carb that you might find on a Honda GX or clone.

What oring do you need?

It sure looks like a Honda. Do you know the engine size?

It kinda looks like kx21

Model: Subaru KX21 Sports Kart Engine
Type: Air-cooled, 4-cycle, slant single cylinder, OHC gasoline engine
Displacement: 211ml (cc)
Bore×Stroke: 67mm×60mm
Compression ratio: 10.0:1
Maximum output: 6.8 kW (9.2 PS)/5,600rpm (using the recommended sports muffler)
Overall length × Overall width × Overall height: 321mm×361mm×363mm
Dry weight: 15 kg

Just guessing on looks

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I think what the OP has is an OHV (Overhead valve, AKA pushrod) engine, wildly guessing from the rocker\valve cover. The shape of the valve cover is different (more irregular) on the OHC (Overhead Cam).

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I am not sure on the engine size?

The only things stamped anywhere on it is the bore and stroke 68 x 54 mm and the serial number for the head JT-11-08-123

Thats 196cc. Maybe a Honda Gx200 clone, with a Subaru (or Subaru stickered) pull start cover.

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