HELP identifying this Kart

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Wondering if anyone can help me identify this kart I’m planning on rebuilding/restoring. Also that would help me identify what motor was on it. I have tried Googling chassis brands/model however one blindingly obvious issue is the double chassis rail which from what I see is on the RHS on pretty much all modern chassis, mine is on LHS. Disk brake on RHS and sprocket on LHS. However I’m not seeing any sort of engine mount…

I picked it up like this, I plan on having it completely sandblasted next week and go from there…

Also if anyone can send a photo of what the kart would have looked like as new that would be awesome. Then I can paint it in original Colours and identify what that “roller” thing is in front of the steering column.

Looks like a formula TKM from the ‘80s, but the double rail on the left is weird?

Hmmm. There wasn’t Formula TKM in the 80s. It was 100UK. :relaxed:Engine was theTKM BT 82 piston port. The engines were mounted on the right in normal fashion on a normal UK built chassis
I can’t identify the chassis pictured but.
It’s a gearbox kart chassis with front wheel brakes and the gearchange lever mountings visible on the column support tubes.
It probably ran a motorcycle type engine eg Honda 125 with the drive down the left and the small 1/2 inch pitch? axle sprocket.
The mount would be specific to the engine type but clamping to the chassis rails in normal fashion.
The extra long front ’ porch’ suggests a laydown seat.
No pods and a 30? mm axle would date it 1980s imo.
Location of op and kart might help somebody identify the maker.

Well whatever the case aside from the engine on t’other side it’s pretty close.

TKM Class started in 1989

Wow thanks guys I really appreciate the feed back, it gives me a place to start. I was hoping it may have had a motor cycle engine as that’s what I’d like to place back in it. Was thinking a Honda CT110 4SPD. Can’t remember if I mentioned it but yes it has come with the shifter. Not sure if I’d use it though as I sorta like the rally style lever setup. If I can’t find the CT110, I do have a Honda 11hp sitting on the work bench that been ported and polish and rebuilt.

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Location of OP, sorry for the stupid question but what’s that ? If you mean location, I’m in Perth Australia…

Yes that’s what I meant. Karts often don’t seem to get far from home even after 30 years so maybe Australian built?

Thanks for the reply…

I Googled the 100UK, found a historical kart club, searched through their photos and there quite a few with engines on the LHS. That led me to Google Honda CT110 engines which led to 125 semi auto pit bike engines. So…. I think I’ve found my power plant :), I can get an electric start model for $400AUD :slight_smile: