Help install seat

I recently picked up this kart frame and was wondering if someone could provide some advice on how to mount and install a seat on it? Thanks.

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Yes, it appears to be missing a few essential pieces to provide that support. I’d guess you’ll have to weld on seat struts or buy the kind that clamps to the frame


Right: Adjustable Right Side Seat Strut | PM-116010 | BMI Karts And Parts

Then for the front: a pair of these: Seat Slide | PM-116200 | BMI Karts And Parts

and then a kit of these: Seat Mounting Bolt Kit | 660211 | VK320 | BMI Karts And Parts

That kart won’t likely turn. And if it does, it will be pretty dangerous. I suggest you look into fixing the spindles and steering, before putting a seat on

Good catch. What is required do you think? Looks like some homemade stuff there.

I’m guessing that if you want to track this kart and race it, you’ll need to get nosecone/sidepods sorted as well.

Looks like an early offset diet kart… probably turn
left just fine.

Diet kart or dirt kart? :grinning:


With the lack of Seat, Sidepods and crash bar it looks like a diet kart lol.

You guys thinking its an oval kart? Its geometry doesn’t seem as offset as most modern pics of them:


The angle might make it hard to tell but yeah it looks offset. Look where the left side rail extends past the bearing hanger and where the steering column mount comes down to the crossbar.

It’s subtle, but it doesn’t quite look like a sprint kart. Do you think the front end is factory or possibly homebrew? If I’m not mistaken the master cylinder appears to be up near the brake pedal.