Help me pack / buy stuff

Hi. Iam going to italiy in a few weeks and i cant seem to get a hold of what i should buy and stuff i should pack with me. Have any of you guys been at south garda and franciacorta and maby some driving tips so i can maximize my 2 weeks there. Fyi the engine is rebuilt and my kart has been sitting for a good 2.5 months since the snow here in sweden. Cheers Mike

Take us with you. Two weeks of testing at a major euro track sounds divine.

Nothing special, make sure you carve some time out for visiting lake Garda and the surroundings.

As for the kart stuff, I assume you are doing the trip alone with no team support. In that case, I would make sure to fire off the kart in advance of the trip, make sure everything works properly. Second, check the gearing ratios they are using at those tracks for your category, make sure you install them ahead of time and have few options to modify taller/shorter from there. Have a strategy for fuel, if you are running something different/unusual than either Panta or pump gas available in Italy. Just think ahead on what to do, jetting etc so you don’t waste time. Then bring the usual spares…axles, spindles, extra rims, steering shaft, tie-rods…the usual stuff you bend or break especially if you run an uncommon chassis brand. Brake pads too can be a pain if you overlook it.

I’ve never been to Franciacorta (it looks great though) but Lonato has a retail point for spares and a shop for any repair you may need in a pinch. In the worst possible case ever, Mondokart is within 1hr drive from either location

Sure! Pack your bags we are going in 25 days
And be ready to pat 45 euro for training per day :sweat_smile::rofl:

Thanks! I have been in italy on a europa trip with a camper and i have visuted mondokart bery nice shop also the garda lake beautyfull. Iam actually going with my racing team and they will take care of the shipment of the kart and spears and i have to ask them how mutch i can bring. Othervise they should have some in the truck to. As for chassis i run IPK and i have been driving on lonato but with their super fast rentals that go almost like a mini rotax max. Thanks for the help :smiley:

Only 45 euros? I’m in!

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Oh wait thats only to drive on track my bad😅 to rent a race kart if you dont bring you own its around 450 euro a day😐

You gonna trailer or rent?

Fun thing is that iam going woth my team Ak Racing that mostly drives parolin iam the only one who has praga and they decided to buy praaga parts only for me🤣

My teams take my kart in a truck with my stuff and parts

It’s like a karting class field trip! That’s great.

Yeah like 4 of my frieds are also going the kart go on its own we fly by plane and live in a hotell 5 min from the track acually really hyped for this

Kewl! That being said remember to be pro about things and be well behaved. Make a good impression! Most importantly, have fun (and if possible, be fast). Maybe you’ll bump into the Prince again.

Yeahhh… i dont really know if he will follow me like that :rofl:

I will also be active in car racing next year i will be driving dads porsche cup 911 and hope fully i will be taken in by a team and if iam really lucky might be in f3 in 3 to 5 yers


Fingers crossed! That’s would be very interesting experience. Does your Dad still race?

Sorry had alot at school. But he doent race every weekend but he goes to like track meets cuple times a year and in 3 months we are driving to nurburgring And be there 1 week with our car, and if i get my car racing icens in time i can drive it around the ring, Hope i dont get a time over 15 minutes

i looked it up the recird now is by amg one. our porsche 911 992 turbo s has a record of 7 minutes so i think i will be looking at over 10 sure. but its cool how a factory made car can littarly go allmost as fast as 1 f1 engine car. for example the 992 gt3 has a time of 6.45 that
s only like 10 seconds slower thean a car for allmost 3 milion dollars : )

The ring sounds like a great trip. What age do you get car licenses for general driving in Sweden? Have you simmed the ring?

One of my top favorite Nurburgring laps: