Help Needed Getting Started with a Comet Eagle

Hey guys new to karting and looking for some answers. I’m in northern California, specifically chico ca, I’m new to this but have enough mechanical skills to build a car or a kart or dirt bike or lawn mower… almost anything… from the ground up.

I’ve never raced or anything so I’m totally clueless. So i need help with everything. I just went for it and bought a kart offline for 500 bucks. I can’t identify what type of motor this is ( size, brand, class limitations)… I also don’t know anything about the chassis but I know it is a comet eagle. Now I don’t know what size, or year, or what classes I can race this type of kart in, what this style kart is called. To get the thing running right off the bat I know I need a spark plug, some fuel line, throttle cable, motor mount and a chain.

I don’t know what size spark plug and not sure how to pick a motor mount or anything. My focus right this minute is to get the kart running. So if someone could identify the motor and give me an idea of what spark plug I need is that’d be a great start

Welcome Devin. Looks like you jumped in at the deep end, but it’ll be fun. A Comet Eagle is a decent chassis.

Upload some pics and let’s see what you have engine wise etc.

Ohhh hahaha I completely forgot to add my pictures my bad here they are

Looks like a 100cc piston port. Made by comer 95-97 I think. They were raced in a junior class, but they are a reasonably high performance engine, round 20-22HP and will spin 16,000+ RPM. As a result, they usually need some attention (Crank seals, carb rebuild) before they will fire up (or at least run well) after sitting up.

Plug wise, NGK B9 or B10 heat range is correct for on-track running. You can start it up and let it run without much of a load for a while safely on a B6 which is found in many road cars. 14mm thread, 1.25 pitch. 19mm reach.

Do you have an external starter for it?

You’ll want to run a racing two stroke oil at a ratio of about 16:1, or 8oz oil per gal of fuel. It will like leaded racing fuel, but to fire the thing up pump gas should be OK.

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Googling my a** off what I’ve been able find is that is the motor looks like a kt100. The head on mine has a comer stamp on it on the starter side and the drive gear side. Other then that I see no identifying marks. But in my googling I cant really find much if anything on a comer k100, or comer kt100, or even comer 100cc, and what I do find, does not look like mine. From what I’ve googled it seems the kt100 uses a walbro carb and the carburetor that is on my motor also has a walbro carb.

It’s probably a Comer P51. Definitely not a KT although they do share similarities.
I think the P51 is still coveted in the road racing laydown kart classes.

The carb is probably a Warlbo WB-31. That was the most common carb on the engines in what was called the JICA class where this would have raced.

You’ll have some fun in this.

Hmm the guy i got it from was probably 180-210lbs and he claimed it was really fast with a serious look on his face hahaha. I didnt think much of it figuring it wont start, I dont have a starter for it but I’ll buy one, it has a button on the front plastic right above the steering wheel which he said was the killswitch but with my google findings I kinda thought it was a starter button because the kt100 have onboard electric start if I’m not mistaken. That also is what made me think motor might be a kt100. Does the comer p51 or 100cc piston port have electric start? Do you think I’m way off here and it is in fact just a kill switch? The guy said the motor was a kpp (komet piston port) and that It has 16 hours on it but i dont think he really knew much about it. He also said been sitting for 10 years so the first thing I’m doing is cracking into it for inspection. I’ll buy new seals and everything right now I just want to know what I’m Wrenching on before I start buying stuff. It also has this tachometer on the wheel I’ll include some more pictures of what I’m talking about. Is this chassis considered a laydown kart? Does the p51 or 100cc piston port


I got the carb off and looking into the cylinder I see possible scoring or it’s just dirty cant really tell. Got the carb apart and its nasty. Cleaning that sucker and rebuilding it right now

You have a regular sprint/sit-up kart. Here’s what a grid of karts like that looked like…

Damn those things are quick. So just to recap do you think it is a comer k100 or the p51? Any ideas on the button I had mentioned? Sorry about the bombardment of questions, just excited and eager to learn!

Yep it’s a Comer all right, likely a P51. Not really all that similar to the KT100 which is a Yamaha and no neither had on board start.

It’s a P50 or a P51. The K is a lot different and has a metal shroud on it.

Greg do you have any parts he might need once he tears this thing open?

Certainly bearings and seals, carb parts, can probably source piston, gaskets etc.

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That is not an Eagle.